King Gearing Towards Pro Day after Combine

Mitch King was unhappy with his performance at the NFL Combine, but he's looking to make up for it at Iowa's Pro Day next month. The Burlington native plans on showing off his versatility for scouts. Read what King said about his time in Indy and his goals for the Pro Day in this interview.

Q: How would you characterize or describe to someone what the experience was like at the combine?

Mitch King: It was an experience. You have to take it for how it is. You're a piece of meat to these guys and it's a job interview. It was interesting to see how it all played out, but I'm glad it's over.

Q: How different was it than the Senior Bowl experience?

MK: At the Senior Bowl, you're down there to show them your talents and everything. They're looking at you as a football player. At the combine, they're look at you just like a piece of meat. You go up there and they twist and tug on every body part. They put you through X-Rays; weigh you; check height. They don't really pay attention to football abilities, really is what it comes down to.

Q: How do you feel you did? Did you come out of there with a sense of what was accomplished?

MK: I didn't do as well as I would have liked. But that's why we have the (Iowa) Pro Day (on March 23). I'm excited to get to that. I'll feel more comfortable at the school with Coach (Chris) Doyle and everybody.

Q: The knock on you is your size in the minds of the pro scouts. You can you prove to people during this time? You're not going to grow.

MK: My height is probably going to stay where it is. But I've proved everything I can over the past four years on film. That's all they need to really watch. I'm not too worried about it. There will be a team out there for me. They're going to be the ones that pay attention to the film and know that I'm a ball player.

Q: What type of feedback have you or your agent got base on what people think about you?

MK: They all know that I can play ball. They know that I'm decent at it at least. There's been a lot of feedback. A lot of teams have talked to me. But my size has pigeon-holed me a little bit. There are just defensive schemes out there from the 3-4s to the 4-3s. A lot of teams won't think about having me on their teams because I don't fit their style of ball, but the teams that do, the teams that can get me on their teams have shown a lot of interest.

Q: What teams are showing the most interest?

MK: Right now, it's not really the most interest thing. They kind of just sit down with you and talk to you and try to get to know you on a personal basis. I've never had any background issues. My health issues aren't a factor. Right now it's getting to know me and getting to know what kind of guy I am and what I can bring to a team.

Q: What teams have spoken with you?

MK: There are probably about 15 or 20 teams that I've sat down and talked to, the coaches, GMs and head guys. So, there are quite a few teams.

Q: What did you think of the psychological testing?

MK: I didn't do any of that at the combine. I did it all at the Senior Bowl. It was pretty general stuff, you know, red, green, blue, up, down, north south, that kind of stuff. So, it was pretty general.

Q: What will you work on now between today and the pro day?

MK: I'm going to start working out with the linebackers and fullbacks and everything like that. Try catching some balls so I can do different stuff at the pro day.

Q: Are you open to that, a position change?

MK: I'll most definitely be a D-lineman when I play pro football next year, but if it takes me to have an extra edge on somebody by being able to catch a ball out of the backfield, I'll be more than happy to do it.

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