Post OSU: Todd Lickliter Q&A

The Iowa Hawkeyes lost 60-58 at home to Ohio State on Tuesday night. The Hawkeyes had an open look at a three to win it as time expired, but Jermaine Davis' shot did not go down. Devan Balwinkel made eight-three point shots for a career high 24 points and Jake Kelly recorded his first ever double-double. Read what Todd Lickliter had to say following the game.

Todd Lickliter Opening Statement

I thought the difference in the game was at the end, the last two to three minutes, they were able to drive it right at the rim and we couldn't keep them from getting there. I wish we had been able to. Other than that, we played a single possession game, we had the last shot to win it, it was a good look, a great play by Jake Kelly. Jermaine is capable and he missed that one. It's a heck of a test. We have been tested this year a number of ways. I always think you have to figure out how you are going to respond to it. A very wise man told me once you get bitter or you get better. We just need to get better. We have a pretty young team and there is a lot of basketball ahead of them. Hopefully we can draw upon this. We have one more in here, obviously, on Saturday.

Q: Balwinkel had a night, didn't he?

Todd Lickliter: Yeah. I hate to say it, but that is what he is supposed to do. He had clean looks. I am glad he made them. Jake did a terrific job of post screening, we moved the ball pretty well. I think when we look back on the blocked layup, I think Balwinkel is standing in the corner open. I would like to have one more, to see if he can make one more. To tie the record, that would have been good.

Q: Was that the look that you wanted on that last play, should Jake have kept the ball and shot it?

Lickliter: Jake just made the right play.

Q: How frustrating is it to get a game like that out of Balwinkel and you still cant win?

Lickliter: Do you want me to, on a gauge 1 to 10 or something? Losing, the frustration is at a 10 all of the time. It makes me sick.

Q: Ohio State shot 55% from the floor.

Lickliter: I thought they were at the rim too many times. When you are shooting layups and getting dunks, you shoot it well. They got to the rim too much and we couldn't keep them from doing it. They drove it hard. I thought we kind of got out of the way. They are good, too.

Q: Did you do anything special to get Devan open?

Lickliter: They zone a lot, so if you move and get the extra pass and find Devan, he will be the guy, the recipient. I thought we had some pretty good looks. We weren't doing anything special. Just zone principle stuff. Vacate and fill spots, try to get them to switch. He read and found the open spots and our guys found him.

Q: On that block at the end, do you have any thoughts on whether that was goaltending?

Lickliter: I didn't like it. I don't know. I said I hope they got it right. I hope that in a single possession game, and they said they definitely got it right. It's not something you can review. I thought the charge call on Jake was a big play.

Q: Would you have liked to have seen Jermaine dunk that?

Lickliter: Anything but what happened. But that kid is a great shot blocker. What I really would have liked for him to do is to throw it in the corner to Devan. I am pretty sure if we look back on it, he was there and that is something we work on all of the time. But he made the decision, and if it goes in it's a great play.

Q: Would you have rather have had Jake or Devan take that last shot?

Lickliter: Jake had it, and I didn't want to call a timeout and let them set up, and there is not much time, and you are scrambling. You can't get a better look, he had a wide open three. He can make those shots. Would you prefer Devan, yeah. Tonight you would, for sure. But Jermaine was due.

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