Jake Kelly Shoots Down Transfer Rumors

Jake Kelly was asked on Monday about rumors that he was transferring from Iowa. The sophomore guard addressed the speculation. Read all about it in this HN.com Interview Q&A.

Q: There are rumors floating around about you transferring. Any of that true?

Jake Kelly: Nope. (Jake began smiling while the question was being asked. It seemed pretty obvious that he had heard the rumor and even seemed prepared for the question to be asked.)

Q: Where does that stuff start?

JK: It happened to me a lot in high school, too. I live in a small town. All of them are pretty big basketball fans and they all get on the internet and act like they know me and stuff. They just hear things from, I don't know who, but, you know, whatever. I don't know.

Q: So, people have asked you?

JK: Yeah, they have been for a while. Yeah, for sure, a lot.

Q: Did you ever consider that (transferring)?

JK: I mean, yeah, of course I considered it when my mom died (last summer). I definitely considered that. That's probably where they get that from, but I'm here and this is where I'm going to be.

Q: Have coaches from other teams, head coaches, assistant coaches, talked to you? Have you talked to them?

JK: No. No. Definitely not.

Q: Did things get easier as the season went on in terms of getting more comfortable here after your mom died?

JK: The beginning of the season was definitely tough. I kind of just went right into it. I went into summer school and workouts. I really didn't have the time to take it easy. So, it was definitely tough. But it's getting easier, for sure.

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