HN Transcript: Davis Leaving Iowa

Jermain Davis told Senior Writer Rob Howe on Wednesday that he would be transferring from Iowa. In this interview transcript, read what the junior had to say about his decision.

Q: You don't see guys leaving many Division I programs after transferring in from a junior college and playing a year. What went into your decision?

Jermain Davis: I think the most important thing was just happiness. I was very unhappy. I felt like I didn't understand my role on the team, and then when I was out on the court I was out on the court, I was just playing really stiff. You could probably tell by watching the games that I was second-guessing everything. And I think just the style didn't fit me and I didn't really want to spend my last year with that.

Q: Where are you headed?

JD: Minnesota State-Mankato.

Q: OK. That's closer to home. How did you end up choosing them?

JD: The were recruiting me all through high school and junior college and I like the way…I like their style of play. They're ranked in the Top 5 of Division II all of the time. They have a very rich tradition. I like the coach. And it just felt like a good place. My family can come and watch me play for my last year in college.

Q: Was there a point in this season where you began to become unhappy? You were starting earlier in the year. It seemed like you were playing pretty well. You had some real good games. Where did it turn?

JD: I think the last two months, probably. It was kind of the home stretch of the season where I felt like I was really trying and I just really wasn't getting rewarded. I wasn't really happy and I found myself being there physically and not mentally at the games.

Q: Were you surprised? Sometimes it's hard to tell in the recruiting process. Sometimes you see things one way and then you get there and it's a different way. Were you surprised it went down this way?

JD: Yeah, I thought it was going to be a lot more up and down and a lot more pressure defense than it was.

Q: When did you tell Coach Lickliter you were leaving and what did he say?

JD: I just told him that I was unhappy. He was pretty OK about it. We just talked about my happiness. He's a really good guy. It was nothing personal or anything like that. I think he's a great guy. It just didn't fit, really, in the end. It didn't really fit and I wasn't happy.

Q: Was it a hard decision?

JD: Yes, it was. I didn't want to leave. It wasn't like I wanted to leave. I wanted to stay. But ultimately my happiness and just the style and it being my senior year and stuff, it was just really a decision I had to make.

Q: You said earlier that you were unsure of your role. Was it you having trouble understanding it or was it that you weren't being told your role? What went wrong there?

JD: I feel like…I think I just had a hard time understanding my role. He preaches defense a lot. I feel like I'm a defensive-oriented guy, but, you know; at times I would play a lot and at times I wouldn't. At times I would not understand why I wasn't on the court.

Q: Did you feel like that was maybe a common thread on the team? It seemed like that happened a lot this season with guys playing in spurts and then not playing much after that. Did it seem like maybe other folks were unsure of their roles?

JD: Yeah, I think so. I think that may have been a common thread throughout the team. I just think we couldn't get a rhythm. You're kind of just out there on the court instead of playing to play. It's not just playing, it's being comfortable.

Q: Was the style tough for guys?

JD: I think the style was tough just because I thought it was going to be more up and down. I knew it was going to be defensive oriented. And I came from a junior college that was like that. I thought we were going to have the opportunity to jump the passing lanes to make it hard for the other teams.

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