Chipola's Torye Pelham on Iowa's Radar

After losing four players to transfer this week, Iowa is looking to add some athletes in the late signing period. One of those prospects is Chipola Junior College Forward Torye Pelham. Senior Writer Rob Howe spoke with him Friday and filed this story.

After losing four players to transfer this week, the Iowa men's basketball player is searching for talented athletes to come to Iowa City and fill the void. One of those players being look at is Chipola (Fla.) Junior College forward Torye Pelham.

Pelham played for one of the nation's top JC programs and has roomed with another Hawkeye target, point guard Malcolm Armstead. Chipola finished third in the national tournament earlier this month.

Hawkeye Nation caught up with Pelham and discussed the recruiting process and his thoughts on Iowa. Here is the interview:

Have you taken any official visits yet? And if so, where did you go?

Torye Pelham: Yeah, I took three visits – Texas Tech, Binghamton and Coastal Carolina.

Who else is recruiting you?

TP: Missouri, Iowa, Iowa State, Southern Illinois, Ohio and Oregon.

How far along are you in this process?

TP: Pretty far. It's about to be time to sign somewhere.

Do you have a Top 5? Do you have a favorite, anything like that?

TP: Nah, I'm on my spring break. When I get back from my spring break, I'll do all of that; sit down with my coach and do all of that.

Are you going to use your last two visits?

TP: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Do you know where those will be?

TP: No sir.

Iowa announced four players were transferring today. What is their interest in you and how do you view them?

TP: They're cool. I talked to the coaches and stuff. They're pretty cool. Bit, I don't know. They're trying to recruit me and our point guard (Malcolm Armstead), my roommate. It really depends.

Will you guys go to the same school?

TP: Um, most likely, but, you know. Most likely, but I don't really know right now. We have to sit down and talk about it.

I haven't talked with him recently. Has he taken any visits?

TP: No. He hasn't taken any.

What are you looking for in a school?

TP: Just somewhere where we're going to win; somewhere where they've got good coaches; somewhere where I can get my degree; also an up-and-down team, a transition team that runs the floor a lot.

Does that fit your style, the up-and-down game?

TP: Yeah, kind of like Missouri does.

What is your game like? What are your dimensions?

TP: I'm about 6-6, 215. I can shoot the ball well. My strength is really like running the floor and getting easy buckets, dunking. Most of my points really are dunks. Defense is also a big part of my game.

Where are you from, originally?

TP: I'm from Daytona, originally, but I was raised in Nashville.

Is there a part of the country you're most comfortable with or desire to play? Does that factor into it at all?

TP: It don't really matter since I've been away from home for so long.

The late signing period starts April 15 and runs about a month. Are you going to want to sign early?

TP: I'm not for sure right now.

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