Maryland Linebacker Set to Visit Iowa City

Maryland linebacker Jim Poggi has amassed an impressive list of suitors at this early junction in the recruiting process, and the Iowa Hawkeyes are on his list of schools that have offered him a scholarship. Poggi is set to make his first visit to Iowa this week.

Determination can be defined as being willing to get up every time you get knocked down. In football, that means you go hard from one whistle to the next.

At 6'2", 212 pounds, there are bigger and taller outside (will) linebackers in the nation, but don't let the size of Jim Poggi from the Gilman School in Baltimore fool you. This kid is all about outworking you.

"I work hard beginning to end." Poggi says. "I am not flashy, but I work hard. If I ever get knocked down there is no way I am staying down."

That sort of mentality has garnered scholarship offers from some very big Division I programs: Auburn, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio State, Penn State, Virginia and Iowa.

Jim does not have a top five list, or top ten list of schools his is considering. Well, not publicly at least. He does have a plan for choosing the right school, though.

"I just want to find a fit." He stated. "My family and I are looking a place that has a good coach - someone who is going to care for me on and off the field."

He plans to visit Iowa City and the Hawkeye football program for the first time this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Poggi says he has always been a fan of the Midwest, even if never being out to visit there before. But he not a stranger to Iowa, per se.

"My freshman basketball coach is from Iowa. He always says how Iowa and Heaven get confused," Poggi said of the famous line from Field of Dreams.

Of the football program, Poggi has done his homework.

"They (Iowa) are a really tough team. Their coaching staff is one of the best and work hard. All the guys there just love to play football and ‘beat it in you.' "

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