McNutt Excited to be a Wideout

Marvin McNutt came to Iowa to be a quarterback, but most of all, he came to Iowa to be a Hawkeye. His move from QB to wide receiver last fall was a sign of that, and he has emerged as one of the surprise performers from the 2009 spring drills.

Q: How has your adjustment been from quarterback to receiver?

Marvin McNutt: As a receiver, its pretty cool. You don't get to touch the ball every play, but most of the corners you face are not as big as you. I used to get hit by linemen. There are different things to work at. As a quarterback you work on drops, but at receiver you work on breaks.

Q: Did playing quarterback help you in the transition to receiver?

McNutt: Yes, it does, mentally. Mentally, as a quarterback you have to know every position and you can see the big picture, and that helps you know how to run your routes and how far to get on the depth.

Q: How do you feel you guys did today?

McNutt: Always room for improvement. There are not perfect games. There is always room to work and for improvement. I think we should have done a lot of things better.

Q: Are you ready to compete at the Big Ten level as a receiver?

McNutt: That is my plan.

Q: You came is as a quarterback; how open were you to the move to receiver?

McNutt: I was very open because I just want to be a big part of this team and I love the Hawkeyes. I want to show I am here for that, not just here for Marvin McNutt.

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