Howe: Predicting Where Hawks Will Land

Each year at this time, Senior Writer Rob Howe likes to provide fans with his predictions on where the Hawkeyes will go in the NFL Draft. He's hoping this year to improve on his dismal prognostications of the past. Read where Howe thinks Hawkeyes like Shonn Greene and Mitch King will end up in this opinion/analysis piece.

When Iowa ran off three consecutive Top 8 finishes from 2002-04, the Hawkeyes were rewarded in the NFL Draft. The classes following those three seasons saw five players from each year selected.

As Iowa's success rate dropped off the following three years, fewer Hawkeyes heard their names called. A total of eight of them were chosen in that stretch.

If you believe in trends, Iowa should find this weekend's draft fruitful. This class comes off a 9-4 campaign and an Outback Bowl Championship.

Each year since I've arrived at Hawkeye Nation in '03, I've predicted where the Iowa guys would go in the draft. Full disclosure – the results have turned out laughable. I've never been easily discouraged.

So, here I am again. We'll give it another go. Please don't take these to the bank:

Shonn Greene, Round 2, Pick 47 (Overall), New England: The Patriots own three second-round picks and they'll get great value with Greene at this spot. Mel Kiper questions Greene's ability to catch the ball and block, but he fits nicely into the New England system.

Other Predictions and ratings for Greene from around the web:

  • - Round 2, Pick 63, Arizona.
  • - Round 2, Pick 53, Philadelphia.
  • - Round 2, Pick 50, Cleveland.
  • - Round 3, Pick 98, Cincinnati.
  • - Round 2, Pick 60, NY Giants.
  • - Round 3, Pick 81, Tampa Bay.
  • - Round 3, Pick 68, Seattle.
  • - Round 3, Pick 72, Jacksonville.
  • - No. 6 RB, No. 60 overall.

Mitch King, Round 5, Pick 173, Tennessee At 6-1 ½, 280 pounds, King might need to find the right fit more than any other Hawkeye in the draft. There's no denying the Burlington native's motor, but much of what the NFL does depends on measurables. He's what the league likes to label a "tweener." Tennessee Coach Jeff Fisher loves to work with these types of players.

Other Predictions for King from around the web:

  • - Round 5, Pick 158, Minnesota.
  • - Round 5, Pick 155, Tampa Bay.
  • - Round 6, Pick 182, Green Bay.
  • - Round 4, Pick 113, San Diego.
  • - Round 5, Pick 162, Baltimore.
  • - No. 12 DT, No. 148 overall.

Bradley Fletcher, Round 4, Pick 117, Dallas: Fletch probably has helped his stock the most of any Hawkeye during the process leading up to the draft. Five or six different teams have flown him into their towns for personal visits. They didn't do it because they thought he was a good ping pong player.

Other Predictions for Fletcher from around the web:

  • - Round 4, Pick 105, Seattle.
  • - Round 6, Pick 191, Tampa Bay.
  • - Round 5, Pick 157, Philadelphia.
  • - No. 11 CB, No. 86 overall.

Seth Olsen, Round 6, Pick 185, Denver: Olsen has the advantage of having played guard and tackle at Iowa and NFL teams love versatile O-linemen. Olsen won't blow anybody away with his athleticism, but he started for three seasons in a zone blocking scheme employed by a lot of pro teams and has shown good footwork.

  • - Round 5, Pick 167, Arizona.
  • - No. 21 OG, No. 379 overall.

Rob Bruggeman, Round 7, Pick 212, Kansas City: Who knows where Bruggeman would be rated had he not torn his ACL before his junior season and started two years for the Hawkeyes? He proved his worth last year by solidifying an offensive line that was atrocious in 2007. He'll make some GM real happy and Scott Paoli will listen to his old buddy Kirk Ferentz on this one.

  • - No. 13 C, No. 336 overall.
  • - No. 16 C.

Brandon Myers, Round 7, Pick 254, Arizona: There's no doubt in my mind that Myers should go before the seventh round. Either the NFL scouts are playing coy by showing the all-Big Ten first-team tight end moderate interest, at best, or they're really worried about his blocking. That didn't seem to stop San Diego from going after Scott Chandler. The Cards need some help at TE, and Kurt Warner would love throwing to a fellow Iowan.

  • - No. 23 TE, No. 416 overall.

Matt Kroul, Free Agent, Cincinnati: Being on the open market after the draft could very well be the best scenario for Kroul, who needs to find the right fit for his non-typical NFL tackle frame. The Bengals No. 1 need is DL, so they'll bring in as many bodies as they can to fill the holes.

  • - No. 54 DT, No. 725 overall.

Andy Brodell, Free Agent, Philadelphia: I would not be surprised at all to see Brodell slip into the draft, but he'll be fighting against the injury as a junior and moderate production as a senior. Still, NFL teams like players that can offer more than one thing, especially the folks in Philly. Brodell can cut his teeth on special teams.

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