Mylan Hicks Talks Iowa Football

The University of Iowa Hawkeyes have had recent success with developing defensive backs and sending them onto success at the next level. Perhaps the next name on that list will be Detroit cover man Mylan Hicks. He took the time to speak with HawkeyeNation about his future.

At 6'0", 185 pounds , Detroit (Renaissance) cover corner Mylan Hicks is beginning to draw some pretty big attention on the recruiting trail. One of the schools interested is the University of Iowa.

"I got the call from Coach Ferentz about a month ago." Mylan says. "It excited me. He is the top coach in the Big Ten Conference. He is quite successful."

The Hawkeyes are also recruiting Hicks' teammate, Ishmael Thomas. Although Hicks has yet to make a trip to Iowa City, he has heard great things about the campus from his teammate.

"Yes, he had a great time down there (in Iowa City)." Hicks stated. "He came back with an Iowa t-shirt on. It made be a disappointed I couldn't get down there with him. But, I will visit there sometime. I feel like I could fit into their (Iowa‘s) system. If I couldn‘t, I would adjust."

Hicks is seen as a prototypical cover corner. His speed - timed at 4.49 at the Scout Chicago Combine - is definitely a strong suit. Jamming a receiver at the line is what he would prefer, but his recovery speed and ability make him a very attractive recruit to all of his suitors. Presently, he has been offered by Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Mizzou, Wisconsin to name a few.

"I try to win at the line (of scrimmage)." Hicks says. "If I can jam my receiver, I have made my job easier. I have also made it easier to make a play on the ball."

He really looks forward to the fall. His high school team should have a pretty successful year. As far as a recruiting decision, Mylan is not ruling out getting it over with sooner than later.

"I might get it done before the (fall high school) season." he said. "Then I could just concentrate on my senior season."

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