Another Marble Eying Iowa

The son of Iowa's all-time leading scorer, Roy Marble, is planning to visit the school later this month. He also will make a trip to another school with Hawkeye ties next week. Senior Writer Rob Howe caught up with Roy Marble Jr. Tuesday. Read this report on the recruitment of a program legacy.

Roy Marble lives on in the Iowa record books as one of the finest players in the program's history. The Hawkeye legend also might be playing a big part in its future.

Marble's son, Roy Marble Jr., a member of the 2010 recruiting class, is viewing his father's alma mater as a possible college destination. ranks the Southfield-Lathrup High (Michigan) product as a two-star on a five-star scale.

A 6-foot-5, 175-pound shooting guard, Marble is expecting to visit Providence on June 9 and then Iowa on June 16. He lists Buffalo and Detroit as the only schools to have offered a scholarship at this point and Dayton, which he already has visited, as another program high on his list. He does not claim a leader.

While Marble Jr. would like to decide on a school by the time his senior season begins, perhaps the most poignant advice is father gives him is to wait until it feels right. The elder Marble speaks from experience.

"When he committed to Georgetown and then backed out, he was saying that was why he didn't want me to commit too early so I wouldn't have to do anything like that," Marble Jr. said. "He said that wasn't the right thing to do. You don't want to commit and then de-commit. He said he should have waited a little longer just to make sure he had the right school.

"Once he did go to Iowa, he said he did love his experience there. So, he said he ended up making the right decision, just not the way that he wanted to."

We had a chance to connect with Marble Jr. on Tuesday. He gave insight into many aspects of his recruitment:

Q: How far along in the recruiting process do you feel you are?

Roy Marble Jr.: Sometimes new schools will come out to some tournaments. They'll show interest and it feels like you're starting all over again as far as where you rank your schools, which ones you would want to go to and ones you have no interest in. Sometimes that can be frustrating, just having to reposition everybody. Other than that, I'm just hoping to make a decision before my season starts.

Q: So, you're still pretty open? You're still meeting new schools and seeing what's out there?

RMJ: Yep.

Q: Who are the schools that you speak with the most frequently?

RMJ: Providence, Iowa, U of D (Detroit) and Dayton. It's pretty even right now because I haven't even visited Providence, Iowa or Detroit yet. The only campus I've been to is Dayton. It was pretty nice up there. I'm hoping to schedule another visit to go back up there, too. As far as interest level, it's probably all the same.

Q: Do you have scholarship offers from those four schools?

RMJ: I just have offers from Detroit and Buffalo.

Q: What does this July evaluation period mean for you?

RMJ: For me I think it will lead to more offers before the fall starts if I do real well in July. A lot of coaches say they want me, they're interested and stuff, but they haven't really seen me play. I think July will be a big month for me.

Q: What do you need to show the coaches?

RMJ: My aggressiveness overall, on defense and offense.

Q: I read a report where you said your game is quite a bit different than that of your dad. Can you talk about that a little bit?

RMJ: Yeah, I score in any way possible. He used athleticism to lead to his baskets. He was able to jump so well. I'm more of a person that can shoot. I can go to the basket, but the chances of me dunking every time down like he used to is probably unlikely.

Q: You live with your mom and your dad lives here in Iowa. What type of relationship to you have with him?

RMJ: We talk to each other two or three times a week just to see how things are going.

What's his role in helping your recruitment?

Q: He just tells me about his mistakes and what he did that he doesn't want me to do. He just wants me to make sure that I go to the right school. In order to do that, I have to involve my parents. My mom helps me out a lot on the decision, too, but it's mostly just those two. And they've been a big help so far.

Q: If you were to choose Iowa, do you worry at all about the pressure that comes with being Roy Marble's son? He is the school's all-time leading scorer.

RMJ: I don't even worry about it. I don't worry about breaking any of his records. I just want to be me; play my game and not adjust to how other people want me to play. If I were to go to Iowa, people would just have to learn to accept my game.

Q: So, the inherent pressure wouldn't keep you from coming to Iowa?

RMJ: Nope.

Q: Your dad also has some connections with the coaches at Providence. Can you talk a bit about what you've learned about them?

RMJ: I like their style of offense. They get up and down the floor real well and the coaches encourage them to shoot. I think I fit their offensive style. And then defensively, they pressure. They're in the Big East, and that's a pretty good conference. They have to be able to play on both sides of the floor.

Q: Who is recruiting you for Providence and Iowa?

RMJ: Chris Davis for Providence and LaVall Jordan for Iowa.

Q: Have you spoken to either of the head coaches at those schools?

RMJ: No, I haven't talked to either one of them. My mom talked to both of them and my dad did. I have yet to talk to either one of them.

Q: So, what will be looking for on these visits the next few weeks?

RMJ: The lifestyle; how the campus is; the dorms, the food, stuff like that. I'll get a chance to finally meet the head coaches and see how they are and how the players are and the environment.

Q: Would you commit to either school if they offered you on the visit or would you still want to take more time?

RMJ: I would probably still take some more visits to other schools to make sure.

Q: What is your July like with AAU?

RMJ: We're trying to see if we can qualify for the D-Jam in Augusta. And then, we might be going to the Showcase in Florida.

Q: What do you think would be the earliest date you would make a commitment?

RMJ: Probably August or early September. It's hard to say, but I'd like to have a decision by then so I can go into my senior season knowing what school I'm going to be attending.

Q: Are your parents going on the visits with you?

RMJ: My mom will. My dad will be coming to the Iowa visit. I'm not sure he can make it to Providence.

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