Iowa Showing Interest in Florida Lineman

Offensive line recruiting is always important, but maybe never larger than it is this recruiting season for the Hawkeyes. With a few elder Hawks on their way out, Coach Philbin will be looking to stockpile for the future. Is this Florida lineman a serious consideration to be added to the 03' class?

Plantation, Florida is no strange land to the Hawkeye coaching staff. In fact, it has produced two of the key contributors for the Hawks this fall in Fred Barr and Colin Cole. Plus, it produced one-time Hawk WR Darius Butler.

Could Walter Walker become the next Plantation product to wear the Hawkeye uniform?

"Iowa has stopped by my school on three or four different occassions," Walter said. "From what I know, they asked about me each time and I know they had requested film. Recently, before I entered break, they had told me to keep them in mind for a Janauary visit. I haven't spoke to anyone at my school yet this week to hear if anything further has developed."

Phil Parker has taken the duty of recruiting Walter for Iowa.

What exactly does Walter's schedule of visits appear to look like this month?

"Well, I returned from my South Florida official visit this weekend. It was a good visit. Coach Lane (DL) and Frey (OL) were both good guys, and Coach Leavitt is awesome. He has really built the program and put it in place as a real option for myself."

Walter Walker has seen interest from schools continue to increase the past two months. Has that changed any of his plans?

"Tennessee stopped by the school earlier this week to request game tape. Rutgers wanted me to switch one of my visits to there, but I did not. I will visit Missouri this upcoming weekend. They want me as a defensive tackle. I visited Akron back in December. After that, I will be done unless Tennessee or Iowa requests a visit." will keep you informed of any further developments in the Hawks recruitment of Walter Walker.

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