Zbikowski Learns Intentions of Ferentz

After a weekend filled with speculation on whether Coach Kirk Ferentz may be leaving for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tommy Zbikowski received a first hand report Sunday evening. Coach Ferentz and Coach Erb visited the home of the Zbikowski family, and while the coaching speculation was a hot topic, Tommy also learned what position he would start out if he were to be a Hawkeye.

Did Coach Ferentz indicate his coaching future to the Zbikowski's?

"He basically told us that he has not been offered the job nor formally interviewed for the job," Eddie Zbikowski stated. "He let us know at this time his intentions are to stay at Iowa and continue to build the ongoing tradition."

Being the father of Tommy, it is not hard to understand why Mr. Zbikowski is so interested in who will be coaching his son since it could be so instrumental to Tom's future in both college and the NFL.

"I know Coach Ferentz has worked very hard to reach the point he is at in his career. I'm sure it is a blessing for him and he is thrilled to have the chance to coach his own son at this level, also. I'm not sure how much money it would take for him to leave that opporunity."

That does not mean the Zbikowksi's do not understand why Ferentz would take the time to listen, though.

"The NFL is an excellent opporunity. Coach Ferentz deserves to listen to a potentially better opporunity that serves himself and his family best. We know his intentions at the moment are to stay at Iowa, but if he is offered the job then he will have to make the best decision for himself."

While dealing with the topic of Coach Ferentz's future was a hot topic, the in-home visit also allowed the coaches to finally nail down a position for Tommy.

After a great performance in his first ever game as a cornerback, it showed the Hawkeye coaches it may be where Tommy is best served.

"They let Tommy know that he will have the opporunity to earn playing time next season, but they will honor a red-shirt if that is what he wants to do. They like him at cornerback, and felt it would be easier for him to make a more immediate impact where he can be quicker to the ball."

In the end, are the Hawkeyes leading the pack to land Tommy?

"There is no doubt we feel the coaching staff at Iowa is one of the best out of all the schools whose offers we've gained. Iowa will certainly be right there in the mix, but of course if a coaching change was to be made then we'd have to re-evaluate."

Kirk Ferentz is a man of intergrity and honesty. He has used that approach with all recruits he has dealt with this fall. While his intentions at the moment are to stay at Iowa and you could probably say there is a well above 50% chance he will, every great athlete or coach should "never say never."

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