Marble Jr. Talks Iowa Visit, Upcoming Trips

Roy Marble Jr., the son of Iowa's all-time leading scorer by the same name, visited the Iowa campus the last few days. The 2010 prospect told Hawkeye Nation his thoughts on the trip, where his recruitment stands and where he's headed next. Read all about it in this premium interview.

Q: How did your Iowa visit go?

Roy Marble Jr.: It went real well. They showed me around, showed me all of the stuff that I wanted to see.

Q: What did you do on your visit?

RMJ: Wednesday was more of the academic part of the visit. I saw the student athletic building, the learning center. I talked with the people that d o the tutoring. Thursday, I got to play in the arena in open gym with the guys. I got to talk to the weight trainer, the AD. They broke it up into academic and sport wise.

Q: What was the open gym like?

RMJ: It went real well. I was real aggressive. The guys got me the ball where I needed to get it. My team won a lot.

Q: How would compare this visit to the one you took a week ago to Providence?

RMJ: The facilities were basically the same. One wasn't that much more impressive than the other. They matched up pretty well facility wise. Academic wise, both of their business programs are pretty strong. My mom said Top 25 in the country. It was pretty even as far as the school. I didn't get to play with their players, so I didn't see how they played. They were in class when I was there.

Q: Has anything changed in your mind after having been on these two visits?

RMJ: I'm starting to see who wants me. That's what I look at a lot when I take my visits. I want to see who really wanted me the most. It's still the same schools, pretty much. So, nothing has really changed, maybe just I got to see how the coaches are, the players, the environment and where I feel comfortable.

Q: Did Providence offer you?

RMJ: My dad said that they told him that they offered me before the visit. Then, me and my mom asked them again and they way they said it, they did. I would say that they did.

Q: So, you feel like that right now you have offers from Iowa and Providence?

RMJ: Yeah.

Q: And who else has offered?

RMJ: Detroit, Buffalo and Fairfield. Dayton hasn't offered yet, but I do believe when I take my visit that it will come. But as of now, they haven't.

Q: When will you visit Dayton again?

RMJ: I go Sunday and Monday. (He will visit Michigan on Tuesday)

Q: Will that be it until after July and AAU?

RMJ: No. On my way back from Dayton, I'm visiting Miami of Ohio.

Q: Last time we spoke, you said that you were targeting the beginning of your senior year at the time by which you‘d like to make a decision. Are you still on that timeline?

RMJ: I might be a little closer , maybe the middle of August. I've kind of in my head where I could see myself being in the next four years. So, it's getting there.

Q: Have you been out to Michigan State recently?

RMJ: Yeah, I went out there last week and played open gym with them. I saw the campus. I got to talk with Coach (Mark) Montgomery and Coach (Dwayne) Stephens. They told me to come back later on to talk to Coach (Tom) Izzo. He wasn't there at the time.

Q: Where do the Spartans fit into this recruiting picture?

RMJ: Seeing how it's Michigan State, they can pretty much…they have such a good coach and since they went so far in the tournament, who wouldn't love to play for Michigan State? They'll always be an option in my mind. I'd also have to be able to see whether I'd play right away, too. They have a pretty stacked team in my class and one that's already there. We'll see.

Q: Do you feel like an offer is coming from them?

RMJ: I think I'm going to have to earn that one. That's something I'm just going to have to earn. They're not just going to hand out any offers. They said they have a couple left and that with work I could probably get one. But I'm going to have to earn that one.

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