Coach Alford's Weekly Big Ten Teleconference Notes

Iowa Head Coach Steve Alford held his weekly Big Ten Teleconference on Monday morning with reporters from all over the Big Ten region, and this is what occurred during the teleconference.

What's you take on how Iowa has been playing so far this season?

"Our guys have done a nice job here in the early part of the season working together, playing unselfishly. Our team depends on one another, I don't think we've got one guy that we depend on game in and game out." Alford said. "The locker room attitude has helped when we go to the floor, knowing everyone's got to do their job every night."

Is there a riff between the fans and the basketball program?

"This has always been a great home environment, and the crowd has been outstanding all year long." Alford commented. "As I look across the nation, and look at other crowds in other leagues, they don't come close to what we do in both the league and the non-league."

Editor's Note: Iowa currently ranks fourth in the Big Ten in attendance with an average of 13,290 per game.

What can you say about Chauncey Leslie development during this season?

"Chauncey is very fast, and does very good things when he has the ball in his hands, and he is learning more things when he doesn't have the ball." Alford said. "He is a great leader, and it's very important as we hit the midpoint here, especially with playing two freshman, that Chauncey picks up his leadership even more."

Do you see the trash talking now (as a coach), similar to the way it was when you were a player?

"It always impressed me as player, and more even now on the sidelines as a coach, that trash talking does not happen very much. Our league does a good job of not tolerating that." Alford stated. "I think there is a great respect for the players and the coaches in the league that it does not happen very much. We always tell our players, you know what job you've got to do, don't get too excited when you make a big play, because it's expected of you, and whatever you do, do it the right way all the time."

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