The Shadow On Kirk, Yogi & Shakespeare

My Dark Friend called today to offer what he knows about the future plans of Kirk Ferentz. While other members of the media have loved this story as it has propped up circulation numbers, I have not enjoyed this media circus. Therefore, I have made this normally premium story free for all to read.

Although The Shadow, like Yogi Berra, says, "It ain't over till it's over", people should cool the rhetoric and calm down about Kirk Ferentz and the romance of the NFL. Perhaps William Shakespeare was more accurate when he penned "Much Ado About Nothing".

Kirk Ferentz loves his job at Iowa. Although he may want a re-assurance of a commitment to Championship Football at the University, he is not a good job hop candidate. There were quiet rumors of some unhappiness among the official party at the Orange Bowl. I don't believe that this included anything major. Kirk only wants the best for his players and all his staff and their families. He is not all about himself, like some prominent coaches going for salary raises every year. Kirk values his assistants and would like to see them rewarded for the success of the team.

Bob Bowlsby is both a fair and a creative athletic director. He has been good at his job for a long time and will be able to address any concerns that Ferentz may have. The A-Team will stay intact.

Ferentz is out of the office for the week recruiting for the Hawks. He will be back in on Friday to welcome the arrivals of Ryan Schuler, James Townsend and other prominent visitors. But before the dusk settles in on Sunday, this media made melodrama should be over. Kirk and Mary will be settled in for a quiet night at home on Sunday.

My only question remains whether Kirk will relax with a big dish of Ben & Jerry's ice cream or a few of his favorite private label beers from Madison, Wisconsin.

When the Big Ten wrestling championship is held this March, you can expect Kirk Ferentz to be in the stands, not deep sea fishing in Florida.

That's my take, but what do I know?

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