Will Iwebema Remain a Hawkeye?

Reponses have varied about the after effects of Coach Ferentz's rumored move to the NFL. The response given by commit DE Kenneth Iwebema was a question. The result was setting up two visits to Kansas State and Michigan State. He has now returned home from Manhattan, KS. Is he a Hawkeye or Wildcat?

After the speculation of Kirk Ferentz being headed to Jacksonville hit the newstands, DE Kenneth Iwebema wasted no time in making sure he was deciding on a secure situation. That included setting up visits to Kansas State this weekend, and Michigan State the following weekend.

"Kansas State was a good visit," Kenneth noted. "I enjoyed hanging around Coach Snyder, and my meetings went very well with the academic advisers. I'm still committed to Iowa, though, but after Michigan State I plan to sit down to see if any changes need to be made."

So what would it take for another school to pry Iwebema's talents away from the Hawkeyes?

"It's not all about football for me. Academics serve as a very important factor, and Iowa's were better than the other schools I checked out. I'd say its gonna be hard to change my mind, but maybe it could happen."

Kenneth believed that he would be receiving an in-home visit this week from a Hawkeye coach.

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