Fate Puts Tate in a Hawkeye Uniform

The Iowa Hawkeyes picked up commitment #20 Monday morning in QB Drew Tate. A career that has spanned breaking records and a change of commitment now has Drew Tate set for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Was it fate that will put Tate in a Hawkeye uniform?

"I have committed to Iowa," Tate told HR on Monday night.

HR asked why he had chosen the Hawkeyes.

"It's Big 10 football," Drew quickly said. "They've just been to the Orange Bowl. It's an up and coming program that I want to be a part of."

Tate, who had originally committed to Texas A&M and had also visited Houston and Baylor the past two weekends, talked about his visit to Iowa City last month.

"I was there when they were preparing for the Orange Bowl," he said. "The entire experience was really incredible. First of all, I love Iowa City. I was also able to spend a lot of time with both the coaching staff and players. They're good people. I really felt at home there. My dad (Baytown Lee head coach Dick Olin) was from Cedar Rapids and always wanted to play for the Hawkeyes, but didn't get an opportunity. Out of respect for him, I'm especially looking forward to the opportunity to play for them."

And will this be it for Drew? No more changes?

"I certainly hope so," he laughed. "(Iowa QB) Coach (Ken) O'Keefe told me everyone has second thoughts, but this is it. I'm signing with the Hawkeyes."

Tate, of course, is one of the most prolific passers in Texas schoolboy history.

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