Howe: Hawkeyes By The Numbers - Part I

In the first of a two-part series, Columnist Rob Howe exams the top Hawkeye football player to wear uniform numbers 1-50.

Most sports fans grow up loving numbers. In addition to measuring greatness through statistics, we remember the digits on players' uniforms.

A casual fan can tell you that Michael Jordan wore No. 23. It's one of the most popular numbers on the basketball court. Numbers often carry a personal story of the athlete. These days in college football, there's a mad dash for single digits.

The University of Iowa sports information staff added a great section to its 2009 football media guide. You now can see who wore each number throughout the history of the program.

To take us down the last stretch before game week rolls around, I decided to go through each one and pick the best player by number. I was broken into a two-part series.

Part I will be 1-50. Here we go:

  • 01
  • They Wore It: Aubrey Devine, Quinn Early, Gordon Locke.

    Winner: Devine.

  • 02
  • They Wore It: Fred Russell, Robert Smith, Tarig Holman, Bo Porter, Mike Stoops.

    Winner: Russell.

  • 03
  • They Wore It: Kahlil Hill, Danan Hughes, Tom Nichol, Damien Robinson, Kerry Burt.

    Winner: Hughes.

  • 04
  • They Wore It: Kyle McCann, Scott Boleyn, James Pipkins.

    Winner: McCann.

  • 05
  • They Wore It: Ryan Donahue, Sedrick Shaw, Drew Tate, Dave Moritz.

    Winner: Shaw.

  • 06
  • They Wore It: Tim Dwight, Jake Christensen, Chris Oliver.

    Winner: Dwight.

  • 07
  • They Wore It: Brad Banks, Jason Baker, Rob Houghtlin, Reggie Roby, Matt Rogers.

    Winner: Roby.

  • 08
  • They Wore It: Chuck Hartlieb, Tom Knight, Leroy Smith.

    Winner: Hartlieb.

  • 09
  • They Wore It: Matt Bowen, Mo Brown.

    Winner: Bowen.

  • 10
  • They Wore It: Nathan Chandler, Demo Odems.

    Winner: Chandler.

  • 11
  • They Wore It: Gordy Bohannon, Ed Hinkel, Bob Jeter, Ken Ploen, .

    Winner: Ploen.

  • 12
  • They Wore It: Pete Gales, Matt Sherman, Tom Farmer, Gary Snook.

    Winner: Farmer.

  • 13
  • They Wore It: Rick Bayless, Charles Godfrey, Jason Olejniczak.

    Winner: Godfrey.

  • 14
  • They Wore It: Ed Podolak, Ryan Hansen.

    Winner: Podolak.

  • 15
  • They Wore It: Kerry Cooks, Duke Slater, Willie Fleming.

    Winner: Slater.

  • 16
  • They Wore It: Paul Krause, Chuck Long.

    Winner: Long.

  • 17
  • They Wore It: Willis Glassgow.

    Winner: Glassgow.

  • 18
  • They Wore It: Chad Greenway, .

    Winner: Greenway.

  • 19
  • They Wore It: Keith Chappelle, Amari Spievey, Benny Sapp.

    Winner: Chappelle.

  • 20
  • They Wore It: Antwan Allen, Wilburn Hollis, Brion Hurley, Andre Jackson.

    Winner: Hollis.

  • 21
  • They Wore It: Jim Caldwell, Devon Mitchell, Tony Stewart, Albert Young.

    Winner: Young.

  • 22
  • They Wore It: Tavian Banks.

    Winner: Banks.

  • 23
  • They Wore It: Shonn Greene, .

    Winner: Greene.

  • 24
  • They Wore It: Nile Kinnick.

    Winner: Kinnick.

  • 25
  • They Wore It: Randy Duncan, Derek Pagal.

    Winner: Duncan.

  • 26
  • They Wore It: Norm Granger, Jovon Johnson, Peter Marciano.

    Winner: Johnson.

  • 27
  • They Wore It: Jewel Hampton, Ed Miles, Phil Seuss.

    Winner: Miles.

  • 28
  • They Wore It: David Bradley, Jason House, Damian Sims.

    Winner: Sims.

  • 29
  • They Wore It: Bradley Fletcher, Jermelle Lewis, Nate Creer.

    Winner: Fletcher.

  • 30
  • They Wore It: Ryan Majerus, Roger Meyer, Bill Reichardt.

    Winner: Reichardt.

  • 31
  • They Wore It: John Derby, Ronnie Harmon, Matt Roth.

    Winner: Harmon.

  • 32
  • They Wore It: Emlen Tunnell, Mike Saunders.

    Winner: Tunnell.

  • 33
  • They Wore It: Owen Gill, Bob Sanders.

    Winner: Sanders.

  • 34
  • They Wore It: Jack Dittmer, Jonathan Hayes, Fred Long, Lew Montgomery.

    Winner: Dittmer.

  • 35
  • They Wore It: Tom Busch, Brad Quast, Erik Jensen.

    Winner: Quast.

  • 36
  • They Wore It:Larry Station.

    Winner: Station.

  • 37
  • They Wore It: Sean Considine, George Davis, Matt Hughes, Erwin Prasse.

    Winner: Prasse.

  • 38
  • They Wore It: Roger Stech, Matt Neubauer, Kevin Spitzig.

    Winner: Spitzig.

  • 39
  • They Wore It: Mike Dolezal, Ken Pettit.

    Winner: Pettit.

  • 40
  • They Wore It: Edgar Cervantes, Bill Happel, William Happel, Mike Klinkenborg.

    Winner: Bill Happel.

  • 41
  • They Wore It: Bobby Stoops, Mark Stoops, Eddie Vincent.

    Winner: Vincent.

  • 42
  • They Wore It: John Hartlieb, Tork Hook.

    Winner: Hartlieb.

  • 43
  • They Wore It: Pat Angerer, Nick Bell, Craig Clemons.

    Winner: Bell.

  • 44
  • They Wore It: Dallas Clark, Mike Humpal.

    Winner: Clark.

  • 45
  • They Wore It: Jonathan Babineaux, Bobby Diaco, Merton Hanks.


  • 46
  • They Wore It: Ladell Betts, Nick Gallery.

    Winner: Betts.

  • 47
  • They Wore It: Jeremy Allen, Mitch King, Jim Mauro, Tom Rusk.

    Winner: King.

  • 48
  • They Wore It: Howard Hodges.

    Winner: Hodges.

  • 49
  • They Wore It: A.J. Edds, Shanty Burks, Henry Vollenweider.

    Winner: Edds.

  • 50
  • They Wore It: Hap Peterson, Bob Commings.

    Winner: Peterson.

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