Howe: Hawkeyes By The Numbers - Part II

In the second of a two-part series, Columnist Rob Howe exams the top Hawkeye football players to wear uniform numbers 51-99.

Most sports fans grow up loving numbers. In addition to measuring greatness through statistics, we remember the digits on players' uniforms.

A casual fan can tell you that Michael Jordan wore No. 23. It's one of the most popular numbers on the basketball court. Numbers often carry a personal story of the athlete. These days in college football, there's a mad dash for single digits.

The University of Iowa sports information staff added a great section to its 2009 football media guide. You now can see who wore each number throughout the history of the program.

To take us down the last stretch before game week rolls around, I decided to go through each one and pick the best player by number. I was broken into a two-part series.

Part I, 1-50, can be found here. Part II, 51-99 is below:

  • 51
  • They Wore It: Fred Barr, Jeff Koeppel.

    Winner: Barr.

  • 52
  • They Wore It: Abdul Hodge.

    Winner: Hodge.

  • 53
  • They Wore It: Matt Kroul, Joel Hilgenberg.

    Winner: Hilgenberg.

  • 54
  • They Wore It: Mike Elgin, Aaron Kampman, Jay Hilgenberg.

    Winner: Hilgenberg.

  • 55
  • They Wore It: Tom Moore, .

    Winner: Moore.

  • 56
  • They Wore It: Jim Hilgenberg, Vernon Rollins.

    Winner: Hilgenberg.

  • 57
  • They Wore It: Matt Ruhland.

    Winner: Ruhland.

  • 58
  • They Wore It: Rob Bruggeman, Pat Dean.

    Winner: Dean.

  • 59
  • They Wore It: Anton Narinskiy.

    Winner: Narinskiy.

  • 60
  • They Wore It: Kyle Calloway, Mike Devlin, Dan McCarney, Tyler Luebke.

    Winner: Devlin.

  • 61
  • They Wore It: Dave Croston, Brian Ferentz, Bruce Kittle.

    Winner: Croston.

  • 62 (Retired)
  • They Wore It: Calvin Jones.

    Winner: Jones.

  • 63
  • They Wore It: Mark Bortz.

    Winner: Bortz.

  • 64
  • They Wore It: Frank Bloomquist, Dave Haight, Derek Rose, Mike Wells.

    Winner: Haight.

  • 65
  • They Wore It: Scott Davis, Ben Sobieski.

    Winner: Davis.

  • 66
  • They Wore It: Ozzie Simmons, Melvin Foster.

    Winner: Simmons.

  • 67
  • They Wore It: Wally Hilgenberg, Dan Hilsabeck.

    Winner: Hilgenberg.

  • 68
  • They Wore It: Jeremy McKinney, Jon Meskimen.

    Winner: Meskimen.

  • 69
  • They Wore It: Pete McMahon, Mark Manders.

    Winner: Manders.

  • 70
  • They Wore It: Bob Kratch, Andy Lightfoot, Casey Wiegmann.

    Winner: Wiegmann.

  • 71
  • They Wore It: Jim Johnson, Seth Olsen.

    Winner: Johnson.

  • 72
  • They Wore It: Bruce Nelson, Epenesa Epenesa, Joe Devlin.

    Winner: Nelson.

  • 73
  • They Wore It: Marshal Yanda, Ross Verba, David Porter.

    Winner: Verba.

  • 74
  • They Wore It: Dan Doering, David Walker, Chris Gambol.

    Winner: Gambol.

  • 75
  • They Wore It: John Harty, Jerry Reichow.

    Winner: Reichow.

  • 76
  • They Wore It: Jeff Drost, Rod Walters, Mike Jones.

    Winner: Drost.

  • 77
  • They Wore It: George Little, John Niland.

    Winner: Niland.

  • 78
  • They Wore It: John Alt, Robert Gallery, Dace Richardson.

    Winner: Gallery.

  • 79
  • They Wore It: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Goff, Mike Haight.

    Winner: Haight.

  • 80
  • They Wore It: Andy Brodell, Zeron Flemister.

    Winner: Brodell.

  • 81
  • They Wore It: Tony Jackson, Tony Moeaki, Bill Whisler.

    Winner: Jackson.

  • 82
  • They Wore It: Ray Manning.

    Winner: Manning.

  • 83
  • They Wore It: Brandon Myers.

    Winner: Myers.

  • 84
  • They Wore It: Marv Cook, Scott Slutzker.

    Winner: Cook.

  • 85
  • They Wore It: Dean Moore.

    Winner: Moore.

  • 86
  • They Wore It: Warren Holloway, Austin Wheatley, Mike Flagg.

    Winner: Flagg.

  • 87
  • They Wore It: Scott Chandler, Dan Dickel, Frank Gilliam, Scott Helverson, Kevin Kasper.

    Winner: Kasper.

  • 88
  • They Wore It: Jim Gibbons, Clinton Solomon.

    Winner: Gibbons.

  • 89
  • They Wore It: Don Norton.

    Winner: Norton.

  • 90
  • They Wore It: Jared Clauss.

    Winner: Clauss.

  • 91
  • They Wore It: Bret Bielema, Jerry Montgomery.

    Winner: Bielema.

  • 92
  • They Wore It: Kenny Iwebema.

    Winner: Iwebema.

  • 93
  • They Wore It: George Harrell, Jeff Nelson.

    Winner: Nelson.

  • 94
  • They Wore It: Adrian Clayborn, Colin Cole, Jared DeVries, Brad Webb.

    Winner: DeVries.

  • 95
  • They Wore It: Nate Kaeding.

    Winner: Kaeding.

  • 96
  • They Wore It: Ron Geater, .

    Winner: Geater.

  • 97
  • They Wore It: Jason Dumont, Joe Mott, LeVar Woods.

    Winner: Mott.

  • 98
  • They Wore It: Derreck Robinson, George Millett.

    Winner: Millett.

  • 99
  • They Wore It: Anthony Herron, Bryan Mattison, Andre Tippett.

    Winner: Tippett.

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