Q&A with TE Marcel Frost

TE Marcel Frost is slated to visit Ohio State this weekend. That was not a topic brought up in his conversation with MidwestRecruits.com's Chris Pool, however, Chris could not sense any doubt that Marcel may have in his decision to attend Iowa.

Why did you pick the University of Iowa?

"Iowa has the education and the campus atmosphere that I was looking for and they also have a good offensive system for a tight end."

What was your most memorable high school moment?

"I'd have to say it was my sophomore year. We were playing the last game of the year and I was playing wide receiver. We were down by three points and drove the ball 80 yards but we just came up short. We didn't win but it was probably the most memorable game of my career."

Name a person that you most admire or that has been instrumental in your life.

"Martin Luther King Jr."

Name your favorite college or professional football player.

"Jeremy Shockey."

What did you like the most about the recruiting process?

"The attention. I knew that all my hard work didn't go for nothing."

What did you like the least about the recruiting process?

"The phone calls."

What advice would you give an underclassman who's going to go through the recruiting process in the future?

"Start early. Look into all the colleges that you're interested in and find out everything you can about those schools."

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