QB Mason Believes Derby Silent Iowa Commit

Recent rumblings that A.J. Derby has silently committed to Iowa reached Georgia prep Hutson Mason, who believes there is truth to the rumor. Read what Mason had to say on the situation and if he feels Iowa will offer him again after pulling his offer.

Speculation surrounding A.J. Derby's silent commitment to Iowa has picked up recently despite no official word from the Iowa City City High star quarterback.

One of the people on board with that assumption is Georgia pre signal caller Hutson Mason.

"Every time I talk to (Iowa) Coach (Kirk) Ferentz he says they haven't given (Derby) a time limit," Mason said. "When I talk to Coach (Eric) Johnson, the deadline seems to keep getting pushed back. I kind of think that he might have given a silent commitment because Coach Ferentz told me they were going to wait for Derby and they expected him not make his choice until December.

"To me, they must be awful confident if they're going to wait to December to have Derby decide or not."

Mason has watched the situation close because he at one time held a scholarship offer from Iowa. It was extended to him in March and pulled in June.

"(The Hawkeyes) emailed me and told me they were only going to take one quarterback," Mason said. "They said that A.J. Derby was the guy. They said if Derby didn't commit they were still going to recruit me.

"From a situation like this, if Iowa were to come back and offer me it's going to be a different point of view looking at them. I'm definitely not waiting around; waiting for them to tell me whether they're going to reoffer me or not. I'm going to take my officials and if I like something I'm going to accept it."

Mason, who Scout.com ranks as a three-star recruit on a five-star scale and also the 68th best quarterback in the country, is set to visit Western Michigan on Sept. 19. Huston says a lot of schools have told him they will be watching how he performs in the early season.

"Western Michigan is definitely right in there," Mason said. "Even Coach Ferentz said that the MAC has put more quarterbacks in the pros than the Big Ten has in the last five or 10 years."

If Mason doesn't commit somewhere else before Oct. 10, he plans on unofficially visiting Iowa for their game against Michigan.

"I still get hand-written letters from Iowa," Mason said. "I have family in Peoria (Ill.) and have been long-time friends with (Iowa tight end) Brad Herman. We talk and text all of the time."

Mason passed for over 3,700 yards and 31 touchdowns as a junior. He said when Iowa originally offered him a scholarship in March, the Hawkeye coaches told him they planned on bringing him in as a thrower and Derby in as a dual-threat. Developments since that time have opened his eyes to the recruiting process.

"After the year I had last year, I never would have thought it would turn out like this," Mason said. "It's been a real challenging time for me and my family because things haven't gone the way we thought they were going to go. I think the Lord is going to lead me to the school that he wants me to go. This whole process is building my character."

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