ISU Postgame: Rob Report

Senior Writer Rob Howe shares his thoughts, new and notes from the press box in Ames on Saturday. In this edition, there is a dressed list, an injury report, who played on special teams and more.

AMES, Iowa - Notes from the 35-3 Iowa win against Iowa State on Saturday.

All-Dressed Up: Iowa players in uniform for the Iowa State game:

QB - Stanzi, Wienke, Vanderberg.

RB - O'Meara, Wegher, Robinson, Brinson, Morse

WR - Davis, Sandeman, Chaney, DJK, Stross, Nordmann, McNutt, Kuchel,

TE - Griggs, Moeaki, Gimm, Herman, Reisner,

OL - Reiff, Zusevics, Richardson, Doering, Vandervelde, Gettis, Kuempel, Calloway, Eubanks, Haganmann, Ferentz

DL - Daniels, Daniel, Klug, Ballard, Bigach, Meade, Hundertmark, Clayborn, Binns, Nardo,

LB - Angerer, Hunter, Tarpinian, Davis, Peterson, Johnson, Edds, Nielsen,

DB - Hyde, Sash, Spievey, Lowe, Greenwood, Cato, Castillo, Conklin, Herbst, Swanson, White, Nielsen

ST - Schulze, Donahue, Guthrie, Murray, Mossbrucker, Koeppel.

Injury Report: Iowa left Ames in pretty good shape.

Greg Castillo injured his groin late in Thursday's practice and did not play after starting on corner in Week 1. William Lowe replaced him.

Bryan Bulaga missed the game with a non-football related injury. Coach Kirk Ferentz said he felt that Bulaga had a real good shot at being available for next week's game against Arizona.

Trey Stross banged up his left hip on a long pass attempt, but returned to action shortly after being shaken up.

Rafael Eubanks. Brett Greenwood and A.J. Edds almost missed some action on Saturday with cramps.

Special Teams: Who played on which units against ISU:

Kick Return - Tarpinian, Spievey, T. Nielsen, Conklin, Morse, Gimm, Daniel, Davis, Cato, Daniels, O'Meara.

Kick Coverage - Murray, White, Hyde, Tarpinian, Daniel, Wegher, Swanson, Lowe, T. Nielsen, Davis, Cato.

Punt Return - Chaney, White, Conklin, Tarpinian, Cato, T. Nielsen, Wegher, Kuchel, Lowe, Sash. (Missing one)

Punt Coverage - Donahue, O‘Meara, Spievey, Schulze, Moeaki, T. Nielsen, Hyde, Edds, Angerer, Hundertmark, Johnson.

Quick Notes:

-Iowa ran a lot of 3-4 on defense with Tarpinian coming in for pass coverage.

-For the second week in a row, Chaney had a big play wiped out by penalty. Against UNI, it was a TD catch. On Saturday, an Illegal block by Conklin brought back a long Chaney punt return to the ISU 44.

-Wegher made his first appearance at TB with 9:00 left in first quarter, Iowa's third series.

-After not playing until late in the third quarter in Week 1, Johnson-Koulianos entered the game on Iowa's second series.

-Hyde was inserted into the game on the few times the Hawkeyes went to the nickel.

-Keenan Davis first appeared in Saturday's game during the first drive of second quarter.

-One substitution during the second quarter saw Stross, Chaney and McNutt come in for Morse, DJK and Davis

-ISU did not throw Lowe's way much.

-Wegher didn't know he was supposed to be in the game for last series of first half. Got yelled at by coaches, walked away and ripped off his helmet.

-Gimm played fullback late in the game. Leppert did not dress for the game.

-ISU Coach Paul Rhoads on calling for the on-side kick: "There's a right time and a wrong time, whether you are a successful team or not, to run those types of plays. That was the right time to run it. Their defensive front was tired. There were some holes on their kickoff return team, a couple of soft spots we knew we could take advantage of if we executed the on-side kick. I'd do it again, without question, given the same situation."

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