Rob Report: Arizona

Senior writer Rob Howe offers up his observations from the press box after Iowa's 27-17 win against Arizona on Saturday.

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Notes from the Iowa win against Arizona on Saturday.

All-Dressed Up: Iowa players in uniform for the Arizona game:

QB - Stanzi, Weinke, Vandenberg, Suess.

RB - Wegher, Robinson, O'Meara, Brinson, Leppert, Morse, Rogers, Reisen,

WR - Sandeman, Chaney, Davis, McNutt, Pregont, Evans, Nordmann, Kuchel, Stross, Staggs, Cotton

TE - Spading, Reisner, Griggs, Furlong, Getz, Herman, Derby, Gimm (warmed up here).

OL - Koeppel, Detweiler,Van Sloten, Gettis, Haganman, Doering, McMillan, Zusevics, Clark, Ferentz, Calloway, MacMillan, Eubanks, Reiff, Richardson, Kuempel, Vandervelde, Tobin

DL - Hopkins, Covert, Ballard, Clayborn, Klug, Daniels, Hundertmark, Nardo, Binns, Meade,

LB - Nielsen, Edds, Angerer, Hunter, Davis, Johnson, Peterson,

DB - Hyde, Spievey, Sash, Lowe, Rowell, Herbst, Sleeper, Nielsen, Donatell, Greiner, Steinbrecher, Cato, Swanson, DiBona, Prater, Greenwood, White, Conklin,

ST - Schulze, Knipper, Kreiter, Donahue, Murray, Mossbrucker, Guthrie

Injury Report: Castillo (groin), Moeaki (ankle), Bulaga and Johnson-Koulianos watched the game from the sidelines in street clothes.

Reisner started for Moeaki and Reiff for Bulaga.

Robinson left the game in the fourth quarter run with a left leg injury and did not return.

Asked if Moeaki, Bulaga and Johnson-Koulianos would return next week, Coach Ferentz said: "There's a chance. I don't know if it's a good chance. I hope it's a good chance.

Special Teams: Who played on which units against Arizona:

Kick Return - Daniel, Cato, Tarpinian, T. Nielsen, Davis, Conklin, Gimm, Daniels, Leppert, O‘Meara, Spievey.

Kick Coverage - T. Nielsen, Daniel, Rowell, Davis, Murray, Lowe, Hyde, Cato, Swanson, White, Tarpinian.

Punt Return - Chaney, Edds, Prater, Angerer, Hunter, Klug, Greenwood, Cato, Tarpinian, Rowell, White.

Punt Coverage - Donahue, Spievey, Lowe, Sash, Johnson, O‘Meara, Tarpinian, T. Nielsen, Morse, Edds. (missing one, sorry)

Quick Notes:

-Iowa used Koeppel as tackle eligible on several plays inside the Arizona five. He lined up to the left of Reiff.

-Murray may have saved a TD on Arizona's first kick return. Antolin only had the Iowa kicker to beat, but Murray grabbed his foot, which was enough to take him down.

-After a two-game suspension, Prater took over as a starting cornerback. That's the third week in a row that Iowa has opened with a different player at the position. The first week was Castillo, Lowe jumped in last week at ISU, and Prater made his comeback on Saturday.

-It appears the last two weeks that Gettis is spelling Vandervelde on every third offensive series.

-Sandeman and Stross started at WR.

-Robinson did a nice job picking up the blitz on Saturday.

-Iowa went with four cornerbacks on several third-and-long plays. Prater, Spievey, Hyde and Lowe were the foursome.

-Iowa would have gotten the credit for the first TD if Morse would have recovered it because the only time you are forbidden from advancing fumble is on fourth down. Robinson broke the play before coughing it up, so it didn't matter.

-A lot of the Iowa defensive players said they saw the fake field goal coming by the way Arizona line up. Greenwood made the tackle.

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