Scouting Report: Solon Senior James Morris

We got to see Hawkeye commitment James Morris live last weekend. The following is a scouting report on the senior RB/LB from Solon, Iowa.

The Hawkeye Insider Scouting Report

Subject: James Morris, Solon (Iowa) High, LB/RB

Game: Solon at Iowa City Regina, Oct. 16, 2009

Analysis: I had heard nothing but great things about Morris before getting a chance to see him in person last Friday in Iowa City. The kid lived up to the hype on that night.

Solon had lost its starting quarterback a few weeks earlier, and Morris moved from running back to QB. The Spartans ran a lot of Wildcat plays, which really showed off Morris' burst, vision and power. While he's not a high Division I running back, those are great traits to possess at any position.

It was tough not to get wrapped up in Morris' night on offense. He rushed for nearly 200 yards, scored on three long runs and threw a 60-yard touchdown pass. But it's pretty clear he won't be a running back or QB at Iowa.

From what I've heard, the Iowa coaches plan on trying Morris at linebacker. He plays that position in high school and really does a nice job.

Morris lit up a few opponents with jaw-jarring tackles. The Solon coaches move him all over the second level and he's disruptive. He's quick on his feet and usually picks the right gaps to make plays. You could tell that Regina blockers were paying him extra attention, but he still got to the ball all night.

One of the things I was told about Morris is that he had a tendency to lean forward a bit in his defensive stance. I noticed that, too. He stands a little too upright and is susceptible to smaller blockers getting under his pads. He needs to bend more at the knees and drive.

It's hard to say if Morris will get early playing time at Iowa, but he has that potential. He reminds me of the film I saw of A.J. Edds coming out of high school. Morris is a very good athlete like Edds, and I could see him slipping into that Leo spot at some point.

Iowa tried Edds at tight end before switching him to linebacker. I'm intrigued to think about Morris possibly getting a look there. I didn't get a chance to see his pass receiving skills, but he's impressive with the rock in his hands.

Morris has the potential to be an impact player for the Hawkeyes.

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