IU Postgame: Transcript - Rick Stanzi

It wasn't a perfect day for Iowa Quarterback Rick Stanzi in a 42-24 win against Indiana Saturday, but it ended perfectly. Read what the junior had to say about his up-and-down afternoon in this complete transcript from Saturday's postgame interview.

Q: Joined in progress.

Rick Stanzi: The only way we're able to come back from tough situations is that we have a great group of coaches. They're always keeping the moral up. The team is the same way. Our defense is just playing outstanding in the second half and pretty much most of the game. When we kind of got things rolling, we got a swing of momentum and things kind of going out way.

Q: You've been so many trials to this point do you have the feeling that no matter what happens you've been here before and are going to do it?

RS: Yeah, it's important to have the trust of your teammates and you trust them. And when you have that going, no matter what happens, we know that there is still time left on the clock. There's a chance to win so you can't give up. The way that this team has been trusting each other lately, that's helping is pull guys through tough times.

Q: I know you shut things like this out, but in the third quarter after the crowd boos you a week after you put the drive together against Michigan State, did that kind of surprise you?

RS: No. That's football. I would boo myself. I could care less. They're allowed to, I guess.

Q: How was the wind affecting your throws? It seemed like most of your interceptions were thrown going into the wind.

RS: Yeah, I kind of noticed that after the game. I'm not blaming it on the wind. I thought the passes were going to be there. The next thing I know, they were picked. So, I just need to get the ball out there a little bit more and kind of play the wind. When you're throwing into it, especially the deep ball, and you just leave it floating up there, you've got to put a little more into it. It's hard to do, but it's no excuse. Those were all my mistakes. I put my team in that position where they have to make up for my mistakes. But that's how this team has always responded. If one guy isn't quite getting it done, everybody else kind of rallies around him and does a great job picking up the slack and getting us back up on our feet.

Q: What would you like to say to the ESPN commentators that just want to write you off as lucky?

RS: I don't want to say anything, to be honest.

Q: What about Brandon's performance?

RS: He's such a tough kid. He's done such a great job. As a true freshman, I don't know if you can really understand how hard that is and what you go through. You can understand being a young kid like that and being in all of the environments he's been in on the road only having really camp to learn all that offense. What he's done, the way he's carried himself, has been tremendous. And he's earned so much respect from everyone on the team and the coaching staff.

Q: (Indiana) has two pretty good defensive ends. Is the offensive line coming together maybe in ways we don't see?

RS: Yeah, the line is doing good. Those guys, they had some players out there on the D-Ends. They are some good football players. You have to understand that they're going to make plays and you have to make some things happen or changing things around to slow them down. We knew that they would be able to put pressure because they have guys that can rush. Our line did a great job, overall, of keeping the guys off and doing a good job on that last drive. They knew we were going to run and we had to get those first downs. That touchdown was nice.

Q: Do you keep the same demeanor throughout the whole game?

RS: Yeah, you have to.

Q: How do you do that, though? That third quarter must have been amazingly frustrating. How do you just stay with it?

RS: You just do it. There's no trick to it. There's not like a magic saying. You just keep the same demeanor even if you throw a touchdown pass or a pick. It's the same thing when you come to the sideline. You just get ready for the next opportunity. Our team has been doing that. It's easier to bounce back from mistakes and it's easier to keep momentum going when it's that type of atmosphere.

Q: How difficult was it to deal with that wind today?

RS: Ah, a little bit. You don't really notice it when you're out there. You just kind of look back and think about it or during the pregame you notice that kind of stuff. The wind is no excuse. Weather, that's part of football. You have to adapt to that kind of stuff.

Q: You're probably going to take a lot of abuse nationally I would think. People are going to have highlights of all those picks today. What's your response to that?

RS: They'll probably have highlights of the wind, too. So, I don't even really care. We win the game. That's all that matters to me.

How did you turn things around? The whole team did in the fourth quarter.

RS: You just said it, the whole team did. That's all it is. Our defense does such a great job of picking up the whole team. They do such a good job of shutting down a team that might be getting the momentum on this. It's a team effort. There are so many plays with everyone doing great things out there. That's how we were able to turn it around. One big plays turns into another with this team. The guys did a great job of blocking out the mistakes that were made and just moving forward the whole game.

Q: Moving the pocket I thought seemed to slow down their defensive line. Did you see anything in the secondary that changed?

RS: They did a great job of giving us some looks that we hadn't seen from them. We thought we would see certain stuff and we got stuff that we weren't expecting. It changed up what we were trying to call. It took us a while to adjust to what we wanted to call in the run game. Once we got that going, we were able to get some nakeds, some bootlegs and stuff and opened up pretty much the whole playbook for us when we get those nakeds going.

Q: Were you surprised the play-action was so effective when you guys didn't run the ball very well in the first half?

RS: Um, yeah, play action is play action. It's weird how it works. You can get it even if you're not really running. It's all about how you sell it and what down it is. There are a lot of tendencies that go with it.

Q: Brandon Wegher got his first start. Can you talk about his performance?

RS: His performance was huge. He's kind of almost been flying under the radar the way A-Rob has been playing. Brandon has been doing such a great job the whole season. As a true freshman, the way that he has stepped in is tremendous. So, for him to get his first start and go out there and get some touchdowns and over 100, that just makes it so much easier for the offense. When we're in those periods where we need to run the football. We have a guy that's very tough, very durable. He's young, but he can still do what we need to.

Q: The DJK touchdown. In your mind, was that the big momentum change?

RS: Ah, yeah, the defense really got our momentum going back in the right direction and then we were able to respond with some great plays out of our receivers. Marvin and Derrell, I mean what else can you say about those two guys. They've done such a great job all season then they come up with those huge plays. That's what we needed and they were the guys to do it. I know the team rallied around them and the momentum that they bring to us.

Q: Do you ever remember throwing that many interceptions in a game?

RS: No, that's the first time I've done that.

Q: How do your teammates react to that? What goes on when you come off of the field after an interception?

RS: The same thing as any other time we come off the field.

Q: Do they try to encourage you or pick you up?

RS: Oh yeah, everyone is trying to encourage. I mean, I'd like to think that I'm old enough that I don't need any encouragement. I can handle it. But everyone is staying positive, which is the main thing. As long as we can do that as a team, fighting through mistakes becomes a lot easier.

Q: Do these games build character?

RS: I think you have character and then it shows. That's what this team kind of has. I mean, you could say that it's building character but I think that this team has great character and you're able to see it when we go through tough times and win a close one.

Q: Do you frustrate yourself sometimes?

RS: Not really. I know what the play was. I know what the coverage was. I know how I threw it. No one else knows that. I'm not really frustrated with anything. I would have made those same throws because those are the right reads. The ball just needs to be out there a little bit farther on some of those. I just need to be more accurate with how I'm throwing things.

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