OSU Pregame: TRANSCRIPT - Ferentz OTS

After his main press conference, Kirk Ferentz met with the media for more questions in his weekly On The Side.

Q: Were you around when people didn't believe Hayden when he brought up the high ankle sprain stuff? It seems to be your injury (of the season).

Kirk Ferentz: This year, unfortunately. To me it's a severe ankle sprain. I am no medical expert, where it is, inside outside. All I know is that if you can't go up on you toes, that is bad. That is where it starts.

Q: Do you remember that with Hayden?

KF: You can deny it, and say a guy is going to be fine, but if he has one it takes a long time to get it right.

Q: Anything in common between them?

KF: Bad luck. That is football. It's not a game built for joints.

A few years ago it was knees with your running backs, this year it's ankles.

KF: Football is not built for joints I know that.

Q: What can Adam Robinson do right now?

KF: Training, working out. He has not practiced yet. We will see what happens. He has improved rapidly. He is climbing the ladder.

Q: Will he practice this week?

KF: He might get a crack at it. I don't want to be a pessimist, but I am a little suspect because of his position and we are only a couple weeks out. I am not getting my hopes up. I will take the bonus if we get him back.

Q: Did he have surgery like Rick? Did Tony?

KF: No.

Q: Rick only?

KF: We have had other guys get it this year, but not those two.

Q: How are they getting so much pressure on the quarterback?

KF: They are good. They are flat out good. They will bring pressure, but their front four can generate a lot of energy. It starts with Gibson and Hayward. They have other guys, too. But those two guys are active. Some of their second team guys, I am not going to say they are as good as, but they are as effective as some of the starters. #43 comes to mind. He is disruptive. They have really good depth. That is a bonus. It's not like they play a lot of plays anyway, but if they did they could roll guys through. You don't get a lot of snaps against them in a game.

Q: Adam (Rittenberg), an ESPN writer for the Big Ten, said the offensive line has been a disappointment.

KF: That is his opinion.

Q: You don't do it until the end?

KF: I am not big on grading our team publicly. That is what we have experts for. Right?

I was flabbergasted driving to training table about six weeks ago, that show Galloway & Company. Good show. They had their expert from in town, every town has them now. The guy grades the films and grades all of the Cowboy players. I am thinking, ‘Who the heck is this guy?' Maybe Jerry Jones ought to hire the guy if he is that good, get some advice.

Q: Is Ohio State different than any place else?

KF: It ranks right up there. We seem to have had three of the tougher ones this year, with Wisconsin, Penn State…first of all, the number of fans, that is where it starts. And then they are vocal. The way it's built, when you have the ball down by the student section, that is disruptive. Like Penn State; it's a bad deal to get caught down in there. It can be tough.

Q: Do you think people outside of your complex understand what Ohio State has going for it?

KF: I am not sure. Probably not.

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