Statistically Speaking Week 11

A look out how Iowa stacks up nationally and in the Big Ten as far as statistics.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Each week, Hawkeye Insider takes a look at how the Hawkeyes stack up statistically in the country and conference.

Here's a look at this week's numbers after Saturday's 27-24, overtime loss against Ohio State:

  • The Good
  • -Iowa's pass defense may have produced the most unimpressive 14-17 day by a quarterback in the history of college football. Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor produced just 93 yards in that effort. As a result, the Hawkeyes moved up to No. 6 nationally in pass efficiency defense at 96.02. That rating also ranks No. 1 in the Big Ten.

    -In connection with our first "Good" statistic, Iowa shines at No. 10 in the country for pass defense, allowing just 165.73 yards per contest. That's also at the top of the conference.

    -The Hawkeyes come in this week at No. 17 nationally in scoring defense (16.91 PPG), which is four spots down from last week. They sit at No. 3 in the Big Ten behind Penn State and Ohio State.

    -Sticking with the defense, Iowa jumped up three spots to No. 11 in overall D in allowing 294.45 yards per game. That's still third in the league in back of Ohio State and Penn State.

    Iowa and Ryan Donahue advanced a spot to No. 18 in the country for net punting at 38.10 per punt. That rates third in the conference behind Michigan and Minnesota.

    -Despite being shutout on interceptions, Tyler Sash remains among the national leaders in that category. He's seventh in the country this week with .55 picks per game. That rate is the best in the Big Ten.

    -Pat Angerer stacked up 13 tackles on Saturday and moved up four positions nationally to seventh in stops per game at 10.82 per game. That rates second in the Big Ten behind only Michigan State's Greg Jones (11.45).

    -Adrian Clayborn disrupted the Buckeyes to the tune of 12 tackles (three for loss) and a sack. The junior jumped up seven spots to 13th nationally in tackles for loss. The St. Louis native is 24th in the country for sacks at .77 per contest. He's tied for third in the conference in both categories.

  • The Bad
  • -Iowa's pass efficiency offense took another hit on Saturday. The Hawkeyes dropped three more spots to No. 82 nationally with a 123.44 rating. That's ninth in the conference.

    -The Hawkeyes remain No. 79 in the country on punt returns with 7.77 yards per return, which puts them at No. 7 in the league. A side note here, although he didn't return any punts on Saturday, Colin Sandeman was a key to Iowa staying in the game by fair catching four balls in heavy traffic.

    -I never thought I'd be putting this statistic in the "Bad" column this year, but Iowa's rush defense comes in at No. 43 nationally at 128.30 yards per game this week. That's sixth in the conference and very uncharacteristic for a Norm Parker defense. The Hawkeyes allowed 229 to Ohio State.

    -The Hawkeyes sit at No. 68 nationally in sacks allowed with 2.09 per contest. That's seventh in the conference.

    -With a (-3) turnover margin on Saturday, Iowa fell 22 spots to No. 57 in the country and one place to fifth in the Big Ten at .18. Still not terrible, but the Hawkeyes were in the "Good" category here the last two weeks. If you're wondering, Ohio State leads the Big Ten and moved from 13th to No. 7 nationally after the 3-0 advantage against the Hawkeyes.

  • The Ugly
  • -With 67 yards on the ground against the Buckeyes, Iowa dropped four spots to 98th in the country in rushing the football. The Hawkeyes are averaging 114.45 yards per game, which rates ninth in the Big Ten ahead of only Indiana and Minnesota. Iowa has gained a total of 132 yards on the ground the last two weeks.

    -The Hawkeyes stand at No. 87 in the country for total offense at 345.27 yards per game. That's 10th in the league only in back of Minnesota, next week's opponent.

    -Iowa's 24 points on Saturday moved it up two spots to 84th nationally in scoring offense at 24.09 points per game. That's eighth in the conference, two positions up from last week.

    -Iowa rates 82nd nationally in total offense at 349.80 yards per game. That's 10th in the Big Ten with only Minnesota behind the Hawkeyes.

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