Signing Day Hangover

Regarded as the best incoming class under Coach Kirk Ferentz, the Iowa Hawkeyes future continues to look brighter. I offer my insight into the majority of the class, and also take a look back at some of the prospects lost out in the 03' class. This is every Hawk fan's chance to curb their Signing Day hangover!

Was the loss of DT Teraz McCray a blessing in disguise? Teraz, whom was very highly regarded among peers in Florida, would have been one of four defensive tackles to sign with the Hawks. Possibly causing a future log jam for playing time with four other current young DT's on roster? The staff viewed Teraz highly, but he was not as highly thought of as Richard Kittrell nor George Eshareturi.

In the eyes of the Hawkeye coaching staff, Marcel Frost's change of commitment was not a wise decision. Likely facing a future at DE for Ohio State, Marcel will miss out on the chance to be the future TE for the Hawks. Serious playing time would have likely been available for him by the time of his red-shirt freshman season. Marcel, who is extremely athletic, was only timed at 5.09 in last spring's Nike Camp. A red-shirt year under Coach Doyle would have paid huge dividends.

Does that mean Scott Chandler will likely be moved to TE? As you can find out in the first edition of "Hawk Talk the Magazine", Scott is not too thrilled about the idea. Another big factor is his frame as many around Southlake informed me they don't believe he has nearly the frame of his older brother Nathan. Scott will likely stay at WR for the Hawks to help cause match-up problems.

So what do the last two paragraphs mean? Expect the Hawks to be in hot pursuit of an elite TE in next year's recruiting season. Don't rule out Champ Davis playing a similar role to TE at some point in the future.

As you may have read Ferentz being quoted today, he made mention of the philosophy to keep recruited DT's at the position. However, that will likely change next fall. Names to come to mind: DT George Eshareturi and Alex Willcox.

The Hawks would have been thrilled to land WR Andrew Weatherly. In fact, they would have been thrilled to have him on campus for an official visit this past winter. They most highly regarded WR the staff evaluated, Andrew would have been a perfect compliment to Clint Solomon in giving the Hawks two big play-makers. James Townsend shares a lot of the same ability, but the vertical factor is not as much in his favor as Andrew.

Do not be totally surprised if the Hawks end up placing OL Justin Hartig on scholarship before the end of the spring. They will cautiously await to see if anything else develops, but if a scholarship is open for next fall, Justin will be top priority. Also, expect OL Pete McMahon to likely be given a scholarship next fall.

Top junior priorities already in order? Book these names! The Hawks won't have to go very far away from campus in their efforts to lock up their two top prospects for next year. RB Greg Coleman and WR Adrian Arrington will be heavily sought after, as both will be among the top 150 prospects in the nation next season.

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