Lickliter Resting in Hospital After Procedure

Iowa Coach Todd Lickliter missed Saturday's game against Prairie View A & M following surgery a day earlier. Team physician Brian Wolf spoke about the coach's condition after the Hawkeye win, but left a lot of the details for the coach to address upon his return, which is uncertain.

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Todd Lickliter and his family missed Saturday's 80-51 victory against Prairie View A & M here after the Iowa coach underwent an unspecified medical procedure earlier in the day.

Head Team Physician Brian Wolf met with the media after the game and made his comments general. He instead asked journalists to let Coach Lickliter and his family address the situation in more detail when they felt the time was right.

The procedure was performed at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

"He has been in the hospital since (Friday)," Wolf said. "He did have a procedure (Saturday) morning based on the results of some testing that he had. Everything went extremely well. He's doing extremely well.

"He will be in the hospital over the next day or two. He should be able to give you more details regarding the situation over the next couple of days. We've been talking to his family and he's doing really well.

"That's about the statement that we were prepared to give. There will be more information coming over the next two days, but he's doing extremely well."

Wolf said that he was unsure when Lickliter would be back on the bench. Iowa's next game was scheduled for Tuesday at Northern Iowa.

"That's being worked out at the current time," Wolf said. "We do anticipate that he will be in the hospital for a day or two. That will be worked out between he and his coaches over the next 48 hours."

Wolf declined to give any details on the surgery.

"I did not perform the operation," said Wolf, who works in orthopedics at UIHC.

Wolf was asked if the surgery was related to the migraines that had been bothering Lickliter at the CBE Tourney in KC Thanksgiving week and the doctor declined comment, again saying he'd rather coach and his family speak to that.

"Yeah, again, I'm going to defer that to Coach Lickliter," Wolf said.

Lickliter's sons, John and Garrett, also missed the ballgame. John walked onto the team and his a redshirt freshman. Garrett joined the bench as a graduate assistant before last season.

There is a press conference scheduled with Coach Lickliter at 10:30. Assistant Chad Walthall, who coached the team Saturday, will fill in if Lickliter is unable to attend.

"My job any time coach is gone is to manage the game," Walthall said. "Joel Cornette did a great job with our scouting report. We were well prepared there. Val (LaVall Jordan) did a good job of calling certain sets that were important for us. So, it's a team deal.

"It's like I told the team before the game, our leader is gone. So, we're all going to have to come together and do this thing together. They did that, and I was very appreciative of that."

Walthall stepped in for Lickliter last season when the head coach missed a game.

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