Will DeMarco Paine Be Back with Hawks?

DeMarco Paine told Scout.com that he was excited to return to Iowa after a season at Iowa Central. There have been some rumblings that he might not make it back. HI.com caught up with the talented St. Louis receiver to get the latest on his recruitment.

DeMarco Paine came to Iowa in the Class of 2008 with hope and promise. Academic shortcomings cost him his spot with the Hawkeyes and he was shipped off to Iowa Central Community College get his grades in order. He hoped to return to Iowa City.

Now, that's not going to happen.

Paine, a talented wide receiver, ran into trouble at Iowa Central and the Iowa coaches cut ties with their former player, he said.

"The head coach up here (Kevin Twait) gave me an evaluation and told the Iowa coaches that I got in trouble a few times," Paine said. "He told them the truth. They told me they couldn't take me back."

Temple and Alcorn State are working on setting up visits for Paine. He also is speaking with Missouri.

"I've talked with their coaches and I'm waiting to hear back from them after their season," Paine said of the Tigers.

Paine said that there were two incidents that led to Twait evaluating him poorly. One came on the field and one was an off-the-field transgression.

Paine said he got into a confrontation with someone in the Iowa Central cafeteria.

"It got a little loud," he said.

Twait also felt like Paine was being insubordinate on the field. The receiver said that he was vocal about getting the ball and passing along information he was seeing during the action.

"The coaches in the booth asked me to relay information up to them if I saw it," Paine said. "Apparently the head coach didn't like that. He told me I was trying to run his team and it was his team.

"I just wanted to win. Me and the head coach, we had our differences. But I like him. He's a good coach."

Paine said that he was in good standing academically. He told us back in September that he was excited to rejoin the Hawkeyes.

"Yeah, it's really hard to take," Paine said of not returning to Iowa. "I'm just a tough competitor and maybe said too much up here. But I can't dread what has happened to me. I can't go back in time. I can't live in the past. I have to look ahead."

Scout.com ranked Paine as a three-star recruit on its five-star scale when he was coming out of Hazelwood High School in St. Louis. He ran a 4.4 40-yard dash and played as a true freshman for Iowa in ‘08 before being removed from the lineup with NCAA Clearinghouse issues.

Former Hawkeye Cedric Everson, who left the school after being charged with sexual assault, transferred to Alcorn State.

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