Transfer RB Gains Hawkeye Interest

While Signing Day is over, the Hawkeye program may not be done recruiting. That includes not only remaining high school or JUCO prospects as watchful eyes are also looking over potential transfer cases. One such case happens to be that of Florida State transfer RB Thomas Clayton. Find out more on Iowa's involvement, and the second go around for Clayton.

Thomas Clayton had a dream situation playing college football at Florida State. The beach, very attractive women, and playing for one of the most prestigous programs in the country, Clayton thought that he had it all .

We all know that prestige doesn't always hold up to value, but in the case of RB Thomas Clayton, he did not feel he held up to value among the coaches at Florida State.

"We had three good young running backs all capable of starting," Thomas said. "I felt I deservedly should have been given the chance to start a few of the ending games, but they went in a different direction."

Thomas, who originally planned on transferring to a school mid-year in hopes of participating in spring practice, has seen his decision now delayed.

"A lot of schools have had to see the path they are headed with their current recruiting classes. I had taken visits to Northwestern and Nebraska. I will be visiting Iowa and Vanderbilt the next couple of weeks."

So how did the interest in Iowa develop?

"It developed just recently. Coach Ferentz called my father during the week of Signing Day, and told him they have a huge interest in my services. They are on a coaching cruise this week, and when they return I plan to set-up my visit. I have been reading up on them a lot, and I have to say I find myself very interested as well."

In fact, Thomas has heard good things about Iowa through Tallahassee connections?

"I spoke to a local linebacker down there, whom is red-shirting this year (LB Edmond Miles)," Thomas added. "He told me that he had a good time on his visit, and he really enjoys everything up there."

Now that Thomas has been through the recruiting process as being one of the top running backs in the nation before, are things different this time around?

"I've been through this before so I feel I can be a little more wise in making my decision. I loved it down at Florida State; it was great. The teachers and everybody were awesome. I had to ask myself, though, if my social life is more important than my career? Obviously, as you can tell now, I chose my career."

So what is the star transfer looking for this time around in a school?

"I want a place where I can call home. Some place where I feel safe and secure. I also want to know I will be playing, and have the chance to make an impact."

Thomas, who is currently standing at 6'0 210, has been busy during the week with cardio and lifting work outs, which he said has increased due to what he picked up at Florida State. also caught up with Thomas Clayton Sr., who received the call from Coach Ferentz, to gain his thoughts on the second recruitment of his son.

"This time around, I'm taking every step to evaluate each school showing interest. I'm just taking it one step at a time. What I did not know before; I do know now."

"Iowa seemed sincerely interested when they called last week. They have an up and coming program, and we liked what we've heard about the program to this point." will keep you updated to all developments in the Hawks recruitment of RB Thomas Clayton.

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