Hawks Still in Picture for Seantrel Henderson

Seantrel Henderson is a hard man to track down, but a website in Minnesota pulled it off recently. HI.com takes a looks at the comments from Seantrel and his parents to offer some insight as to where the Hawkeyes might stand.

IOWA CITY, Iowa - It's been nearly a month since Seantrel Henderson unofficially visited Iowa for the regular season finale against Minnesota. Since that day, Hawkeye fans have clamored for information on Scout.com's No. 1 player overall in the 2010 Class.

Fortunately for those of us who have left messages with the family, Gopherhole.com caught up with Henderson and his parents at a recent basketball game featuring his Cretin-Derham Hall team. They filed two insightful stories.

The website spoke to the Twin Cities lineman during a basketball game last weekend. Here's the link.

The Q&A session with Seantrel, for the most part, asks him pros and cons about the schools at which he is looking. Iowa is among those programs.

For Iowa, he was asked two questions:


Q: What was the best thing about the Iowa unofficial visit?

SH: I only saw the game at Iowa and I didn't get to see a lot more than that.

Q: Will you take an official visit to Iowa?

SH: I don't know. I am deciding on an official visit between Iowa, Oklahoma and Miami.


That's not very revealing in terms of his feelings about the Hawkeyes. However, it gives you the sense that they're still in the picture.

You don't want to read too much into this Q & A. The kid and his parents are a year into getting hounded by reporters about where he might end up.

His parents share some insight into the attention in this story. I certainly don't blame them for not returning my calls.

The one thing that really stuck out to me in these interviews was something Seantrel said when asked about the drawbacks to Notre Dame.

"It might be too small; it's a smaller college town and doesn't have the advantages of being in a big city," he told Gopherhole.com.

He goes on to talk about the positives of USC - "Everything pretty much. The city of LA has a lot to do. All of their education aspects are great. Everything out there is real nice. Their atmosphere is good; the teammates and the coaches all get along so well."

And then the positives about Ohio State - "Kind of the same as USC, the atmosphere in the city of Columbus is great. Everyone on game day is all in to it."

Seantrel hails from a metropolitan area and in those two responses suggest he's looking for that in college. Again, you don't want to read too much into one interview, but it's still something to consider.

Iowa has missed out on players that preferred to be in a larger city. Former USC WR Mike Williams told me as much when I interviewed him at the 2003 Orange Bowl. He said he loved Iowa's coaches, but the town was too small.

When you have the pick of the litter, as does Seantrel, you can afford to be choosey and get pretty much everything you want from a school.

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