The Lickliter Watch: Sunday's Word Part II

Hawkeye Insider keeps our members up to date on what's happening with the Todd Lickliter story.

In case you've been in a hole or out of the country, as a Hawkeye Insider you learned that something is going on in the Iowa basketball program. The rumor mill started churning on Thursday that Coach Todd Lickliter would not be retained.

It's the hot story in Hawkeye Land and will continue to follow it. I will try to provide what I hear on the topic each day. Here's what I heard through Sunday Early evening:

IOWA CITY, Ia. - I lost an hour of work time today due to daylight savings time, but I still was reached some contacts and find some things out.

First, I'd like to clarify an earlier report from today. I definitely think that Iowa can locate the funds to terminate Coach Todd Lickliter. I do feel, however, that it puts a strain on the athletic department.

The university is asking some football season ticket holders that donate money for the better seats to come up with it sooner than it has in the past. Those funds usually come through in the summer, but the department is hoping to get some of them in now and in the near future.

Again, it takes a lot of money to buy out your coach, perhaps pay a buyout for your next target and then come of with enough money to pay your new guy.

And, I'm pretty confident there WILL BE a new guy.

I talked to more people today that confirmed that Lickliter is out as Iowa's coach. Since Thursday, I've heard from at least six people who I consider connected to the program in one way or another that say there will be a change.

Up until this afternoon, I've told people that I thought I'd be surprised if there were not a new coach next year. Now, I'd be shocked.

I also think something will happen Tuesday or Wednesday, if possible, to avoid conflicting with coverage of the women's team learning of its NCAA game Monday night and the national wrestling tournament starting on Thursday.

Perhaps the reason the athletic department is searching for as much money as it can possibly find is that we're going to see AD Gary Barta land a big fish. And let's face it, he'd better.

So, who's out there?

Bruce Pearl: I'm hearing from some real reliable sources that Pearl would take a look. When he does, throw whatever you can at him. This is the one guy who is attainable and could immediately make us relative again on a national scale. He'll cost a lot, but he'll bring in the most.

Tennessee Assistant: Tony Jones or Steve Forbes both have been a part of winning programs where they've been . They have connections to Iowa. They recruit well. I've heard both names as possible replacements to Lickliter.

Jamie Dixon: I'm hearing his name being mentioned. It would be a great hire. He makes about $1.5 at Pitt.

Yes, the Panther program is light years ahead of ours right now. But it's also in a pro city that loves its Steelers and Penguins. There are also the Pirates and the Pitt football team.

Dixon might like a new challenge and a chance to be the main story in a town. He's from California, where his parents still reside. Maybe he'd like to cut down the distance between him and his folks.

Tony Barbee: The UTEP head coach is a disciple of John Calipari and a native of Indy. He's doing a great job with the Minors and is a BIG-TIME recruiter. His name is popping up but there could be plenty of other suitors.

These are the names I've heard from multiple sources. Some guys I've heard here and there from different folks: Ben Howland, Brian Gregory, Ben Jacobson, Mark Montgomery.

I'll be back tomorrow with more on the Iowa men's basketball coaching story.

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