Zach MCabe, Mom React to Coaching Change

Zach McCabe received word Monday that he would not be playing college basketball for Todd Lickliter, the coach that recruited him to Iowa. Read what the Sioux City prospect and his mother, Beth, had to say about the decision and what it means to Zach's future.

Q: What was your reaction today when you heard the news that Coach Lickliter would no longer be with Iowa?

Zach McCabe - I was a little shocked. I thought they would at least give him another story. I guess it didn't work out that way.

Q: Are you disappointed?

ZM: Uh, yeah, I'm disappointed. I like Coach Lickliter. He believed a lot in me and he cared a lot about this recruiting class. He meant a lot to me.

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to him or Coach (Chad) Walthall yet?

ZM: I haven't. They sent me a text after we won state and that was about it.

Q: What does this mean for you, Zach?

ZM: Right now, I'm still a Hawkeye. I'm still committed there. I'm still going there. I'm a Hawkeye. That's my plan. I'm still going there. I still want to talk to my family. We'll go from there.

Q: Is it important to you who the next coach will be?

ZM: Yeah. I want to see if they're interested in me and if I'm interested in them.

Comments from Beth McCabe, Zach's mom

-"He's committed to Iowa, but I'm sure as everybody knows, it's all going to depend on this new coach; if he feels Zach fits into his program, too. Some people don't seem to understand that when these commit. It's not just a school. You have to feel like you're a fit for a coach's program, too. Zach is not having any second thoughts at this time about becoming a Hawkeyes."

-"It's a hard day. These are still kids. It's hard on us as parents. Zach had a study hall today and he got on line and there are people blasting him on one of the websites. The kid doesn't even have any idea at that time that Lickliter has been let go. It's kind of discouraging. We just came off a high of winning the state tournament. We didn't even really get to enjoy it."

"These kids get recruited by one person. As you know, coaches look for certain things in players' abilities. There has to be a little anxiety on the part of these kids if the new coach is going to want them. We went through that whole recruiting process. He had tons of offers from lots of different schools, but Zach has grown up a Hawkeye. He loves Iowa and just felt that was his place to be. Having the coach lose his job is kind of a setback."

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