Marble Jr. Talks What Change Means for Him

Roy Marble Jr. said he was "shocked" when he learned of Todd Lickliter being fired from Iowa on Monday. The Michigan native and Hawkeye legacy reacts to the decision and talks about what he means for him in this premium interview.

Q: What was your first reaction when you heard the news today?

Roy/Devyn Marble: I was shocked. I had a feeling it was coming with all the rumors and stuff. I guess I didn't really want to believe it. I really wanted to play for Coach Lick. It was a complete shock to me.

Q: How disappointing is this for you?

RDM: It's disappointing. I got real close to the coaches. It wasn't just Coach Lick. It was the whole coaching staff. I loved them all. It's real disappointing, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Q: What does this mean for you?

RDM: Nothing as of now. I haven't really talked about it with my family. I'm still committed to the Hawks. Nothing has changed. But we have to see what happens.

Q: If the coach comes in and wants you and you feel like you can play in his system, you'll still be a Hawkeye?

RDM: Yeah, it's a possibility.

Q: What would have to happen for you not to come to Iowa?

RDM: It really does depend on who comes in and his style fits my game and it's a good fit for me. I still feel like I'm a Hawkeye. It's just unfortunate that Coach Lick had to go.

Q: Have you talked with Coach Lickliter or anybody on his staff?

RDM: I just got off the phone with (Joel) Cornette and I talked to Val (LaVall Jordan) about three or four hours ago.

Q: What did they tell you?

RDM: Just that they still wanted me to come (to Iowa) and finish what they started and wanted to finish. They told me to be patient through this process because it's frustrating for everyone.

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