Cody Larson Taking Wait-and-See Approach

Cody Larson committed to Todd Lickliter and his Iowa Staff in the fall of 2008. On Monday, he found out that Lickliter was fired. The '10 Hawkeye commitment reacted to the news and discussed his future with Hawkeye Insider.

Q: What was your reaction today when you heard the news that Coach Lickliter would not be back at Iowa?

Cody Larson: I kind of heard rumors that it was going to happen. When it finally did, I was sad and upset for coach. I committed to play for coach. It's kind of a disappointment for me. I just feel really bad for him and his family.

Q: You said that you had heard the rumors and had an idea it might be coming. Did you prepare yourself for that since you started hearing it was a possibility?

CL: I kind of braced myself for it. There were a lot of people talking and saying it was probably going to happen. It wasn't like it was the first time I had heard it today, but it did hit home today.

Q: Have you had the opportunity to speak with Coach Lickliter or anybody on his staff?

CL: I've haven't talked to anyone. I texted back and forth with Coach Lickliter. I wished him good luck and told him I was here for him. He said thanks and the same thing back to me. That was about it. I know he had a busy day and I didn't want to take up too much of his time.

Q: Did he talk to you at all about your future at Iowa? Did he encourage you to stay with your commitment?

CL: He just said good luck, have a great future, I wish I would have had a chance to coach you. He didn't say anything about staying at Iowa or anything like that.

Q: So, what does this news mean for you?

CL: You know, as of right now I'm still a Hawkeye. I guess, just like some of the other guys, I'm just kind of waiting to see how it all plays and take it step by step. I don't want to make a decision right now, obviously. I want to think it through with my family and make the right decision when the time comes.

Q: What would have to happen for you not to come to Iowa?

CL: I don't really know how to answer that right now. I really want to be a Hawkeye. I committed to that program for the coaching staff and then I fell in love with the whole school and town. It would be hard to choose a different school, but there have to be a lot of factors that go into it. We'll see what happens. I'll talk with my family and make the right decision.

Q: Is the new coach and his style one of the factors that you're talking about?

CL: I would say so. It's who the new coach is and the coaching staff. But if I had my way, I'd still be a Hawkeye.

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