Chandler Following Brother In Different Way

Scott Chandler never grew up with the intentions of becoming an Iowa Hawkeye. Not many youngsters in Texas ideally first think of Iowa in their selection of a favorite childhood team. Now nearing graduation at Southlake Carroll High School, Scott is quickly envisioning his playing days in Kinnick Stadium.

"I'd probably not be at Iowa if it were not for my brother being there," said Scott, referring to his older brother, Hawkeye QB Nathan Chandler. "They probably would not even have looked at me."

Scott wasn't exactly sure if he would even gain a Hawkeye offer after visiting for the 2002 spring game. With good reason, Scott wasn't sure he wanted to be a Hawkeye after viewing the scenery shown to his family by older brother Nathan.

"It was a short and sweet visit when I attended the spring game, and it was my first time in Iowa City. I knew it was a good place, though, as the team was on the rise and there was a lot of optimism about the next fall. They had just come off a good victory in the Alamo Bowl."

"The visit wasn't so sweet at first. My brother had decided to take us driving around the Amana Colonies where honestly I just didn't see much that interested me. He left me a little shady about Iowa, but I got all my answers as soon as I stepped foot near the campus." However, a strong performance in this past summer's football camp helped his efforts.

"If I didn't attend camp; I doubt I'd be a Hawkeye right now. At the end of spring, I had narrowed my list down to Iowa, Colorado, and SMU. After attending the Colorado camp, I knew Iowa was the best school for me. They ended up being the #8 team in the country, have a great campus, and they spread the offense."

Those were not the only factors in Scott's decision to verbally commit to the Hawks back on August 7th.

"It is a family atmosphere up there," Scott added. "I knew it was a good place for me to feel at home."

Scott helped guide Southlake Carroll and Coach Todd Dodge to the Class 5A State Title, the largest class in Texas. It was the first year Southlake had participated in Class 5A; moving up from 4A.

"That was a real special moment for me," Scott said proudly.

Even with the great numbers put up this season, Scott immediately began hearing the rumors of a move to tight end considering his unusual size at the WR position, 6'6 215 pounds.

"I believe I will be playing wide receiver. My weight is only currently 215. I've talked to the coaches about my position, and they said they'd only move me if I naturally get too big for the WR position. My whole life, I haven't been built nearly as big or with as big of a frame as Nate. I feel pretty set at receiver catching the ball after my experiences this past season."

Scott did not shy away from adding one last comment in his defense to the Hawkeye coaches.

"I'm not all that great of a blocker, anyway."

HTO asked Scott his feelings on coming from the state of Texas, and whether he believed it would give him any sort of edge?

"I don't believe there are any more special players in Texas than there is anywhere else, but we have a lot more prospects and experience. I've played 21 games in only two years. That is a lot of experience that you cannot match elsewhere. There are just so many kids in the state of Texas, and not all can play for the in-state programs. They won't all be recruited by Texas or Texas A&M so I definitely feel it's a good state for Iowa to recruit."

The Hawkeyes should have no problem in pointing out the success they've had in the past with Texas preps, including the Chandler brothers. The Hawks will have their eyes out on one Southlake prospect next fall, as well, in 6'6 280 OL Adam Ulatoski

Speaking of recruiting, Hawk fans very easily can illustrate the annual in-state recruiting battle between the Hawkeyes and Cyclones. Not too often, though, are the recruiting battles done out of the state. It just so happens one example could be taken from Chandler. Iowa State tried showing their interest around the middle of September.

"I had a coach from Iowa State call me the week of their game against Iowa. He found out I was committed to Iowa, and knew I'd be in attendance that weekend. I told him I didn't have much interest, but he replied that may change after the weekend's game. Surely enough he called back once again after the victory. I had a few schools try calling me in the fall, but I never pursued any other schools."

For my final two questions, I began to look ahead to the career at Iowa for Chandler.

What type of receiver should Hawk fans expect?

"There will be a size match-up problem anytime I'm on the field. There are not too many defensive backs standing over 6'2; not many at all. I have the ability to catch the ball up in traffic, and I'm a reliable receiver who tries to make plays."

What goals does Scott expect to accomplish in his years at Iowa?

"It'd be good to win another Big Ten Championship. In the end, I want the ultimate goal. I want a National Championship ring, and I believe it can be done at Iowa."

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