Brust Looking Forward to McCaffery Meeting

For the first time since Iowa replaced Todd Lickliter with Fran McCaffery, 2010 Hawkeye recruit Ben Brust spoke publicly on Thursday. Publisher Rob Howe caught up with the combo guard from Illinois. He shared his latest thoughts on his future, talked about his coming meeting with McCaffery and much more.

A national airline recently ran an add campaign showing people in uncomfortable situations and asking them if they "want to get away?" Ben Brust could relate.

Media, friends, relatives and others bombarded the Class of 2010 Iowa signee in the middle of March. They wanted to hear his thoughts on the firing of Hawkeye Coach Todd Lickliter.

Fortunately for Brust, he and his family had planned a trip to Hawaii. He got away from the March Madness.

"Before I left, I was having problems with my (cell) phone and couldn't get to the 25 or 30 messages (from media types)," the 6-foot-2 combo guard from Mundelein, Ill. said. "It was nice to be able to go to Hawaii and follow things from a distance and be able to think. It was kind of overwhelming when Coach (Lickliter) got fired and a lot of stuff was swirling around."

New Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery reached out to Brust while he was vacationing. He spoke to him a few times on the phone in Hawaii.

"They were pretty short conversations," Brust said. "We're just trying to get a chance to know each other a bit and then set up a time to meet."

Brust and McCaffery planned to get together this Saturday in Mundelein. They tried to meet last week, but couldn't match up their schedules.

Brust and McCaffery are going to go through an abridged recruiting process.

"I honestly am looking to form a relationship," Brust said. "I did that with Coach Walt (Chad Walthall) and Coach Lickliter and it was a long process. You spend a lot of time during the recruiting process forming a relationship to the point where you feel comfortable.

"I want to sit down and get a chance to know (McCaffery) as a person as well as a basketball coach. I want to feel comfortable."

Brust said he loves the Iowa fans and the school and hopes he can form a bond with McCaffery even though it's a short process.

"It's definitely quick but there's nothing we can do about it," Brust said.

Brust will play in the

Here's a Chicago High School Classic Friday night at Loyola University. The game features some of the top talent in the Windy City.

"It's been a blast," Brust said. "We had practice on Tuesday and we really looked good. It's an opportunity to play with guys I've played with before or played against.

"You don't get the full effect since it's an all-star game, but it's fun to see how you match up against guys that are all-state."

The next day, he will meet McCaffery in person for the first time.

"When I committed to Iowa, I knew this could happen," Brust said. "It did and now we go from here. I'm ready to sit down with him and hear what he has to say."

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