Marble Speaks with McCaffery, Meeting Soon

Roy Marble Jr. spoke with new Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery Sunday afternoon and the two scheduled to meet this coming week. Marble shared information about his conversations with McCaffery, how he feels about his commitment to Iowa and more in premium update.

Roy Marble Jr. will be the last of Iowa's 2010 recruiting class to meet with new coach Fran McCaffery. The versatile Michigan standout already likes what he's hearing.

"Each time I've talked with Coach Fran, I've liked how he has approached me in conversations," Marble said. "I'm really looking forward to meeting him and the rest of the staff."

Marble spoke on the phone with McCaffery, who came from Siena, Sunday afternoon. It represented their second conversation. They have planned to meet at Marble's Michigan home on Friday.

"We've talked about life in general," said Marble, the son of Iowa's all-time leading scorer by the same name. "We're just trying to get to know one another. I'm trying to get a feel for him as a person and as a basketball coach and see how I fit in with his vision."

Fellow '10 Hawkeye Class member, Cody Larson, met with McCaffery on Thursday. The forward from South Dakota asked for and was granted a release from his letter of intent a day later. He said he had not shut the door on Iowa but wanted to look around.

"I hadn't talked with Cody in a few weeks, but the last time we talked he was pretty unsure of what he wanted to do," Marble said. "I'm not surprised he opened back up his recruitment, but I wouldn't be surprised if he recommitted (to Iowa), either.

"I've just decided to give him some air and space so he can do what's best for him."

Marble said the foursome in the Class of 2010 grew pretty tight since they signed with Iowa and former Coach Todd Lickliter, who was fired in March. Ben Brust met with McCaffery on Saturday but has not indicated how that encounter went or given an indication of his future plans. Zach McCabe welcomed the coach to Sioux City on Friday and it appeared he would stay with his Hawkeye commitment.

"This isn't an easy thing for us," Marble said. "It's one of those things you have to experience to understand completely. If you haven't experienced it, it's probably tough to talk on the subject.

"A lot depends on the reason why you committed to a school. If the coach is the biggest reason, it's a big deal if he leaves. You're on edge."

Marble said it felt like heaven when he came out to Iowa and met with Lickliter and his lead recruiter from that staff, LaVall Jordan.

"I loved those guys," he said. "It was hard to see them go. But I'm pretty flexible. I really love the fans out there and the atmosphere. Plus my family is there. It's like a second home with my dad and my siblings."

Marble said the only way he'd ask out of his Iowa commitment would be if he became uncomfortable with McCaffery and his staff.

"If that wasn't there, it would be tough to go there," Marble said. "I got real comfortable with Coach Vall and Coach Lickliter. That's something that every recruit needs.

"Right now, I'm still a Hawkeye and I really haven't thought about doing anything else. I'm just trying to settle down and take care of my school work."

McCaffery hired the first member of his coaching staff on Thursday. Andrew Francis, who was on the staff at Siena the last two years, has already started working for the Hawkeyes.

"He called me on Saturday," Marble said. "He just talked to me about how excited he was to come out to Iowa and be a part of the program. He said he really felt comfortable with the people and nice he's been treated."

Marble played all over the court for his prep team in Michigan. He was interested to hear how McCaffery planned on using him on the next level.

"That's one of the main things I want to talk about next week," Marble said. "I want to learn more about him and his coaching staff. I want to hear about his plans for the program and how he sees me helping so we can win in the future."

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