Recruiting Could Open Up for Iowa Out East

Prominent Philadelphia AAU Coach Paul Gripper will accompany one of his athletes, Devin Coleman, to Iowa in the near future. Gripper believes a commitment from his star could open up East Coast recruiting for the Hawkeyes. The coach talks more about it in this premium story.

Paul Gripper, the president and founder of the Phenom East Basketball Organization, predicts Iowa fans will become familiar with the Philadelphia youth scene. He coaches Devin Coleman, a 2011 combo guard with a Hawkeye offer.

Gripper believes Iowa has a great chance to land Coleman, which could open up a recruiting pipeline to Philly.

"There's no doubt in my mind that if Devin goes out there, others will follow," Gripper said. "I know I will send players out there."

Gripper talks like Iowa leads for Coleman.

"We're going to come out there for a visit in the next two weeks," Gripper said. "We have a busy schedule, but we're going to make it happen. He's told me that if he likes it out there, he might commit.

"I think, more than likely, he ends up at Iowa."

Gripper said Coleman is as good as any player he‘s ever coached. That list included Michael Gilchrist and Aaron Brown. The trio played together for Gripper as eighth graders.

"Devin Coleman always has been my best player," Gripper said. "The thing that stands out for me is that he's a true shooting guard, a scorer. He's a scoring machine in the mold of an Andrew Toney or a Vinnie Johnson.

"He's blessed with an incredible body and extremely athletic. He's like a smaller version of J.R. Smith. He shoots the ball like a white kid from Indiana and he'll make you a winner."

Gripper said that new Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery and his assistant, Andrew Francis, have built a great relationship with Coleman from when they were at Siena.

"No offense to Siena, but he's above that level," Gripper said. "The only reason he even listed Siena was because those guys did such a good job recruiting him. They've got a good presence in this area and I think it's going to help them a whole lot if they can recruit here on the East Coast and bring some Philly players out there."

Gripper and Francis formed a relationship when the latter was working at Villanova.

"They originally were looking at Travis Robinson and I told them about Devin," Gripper said. "They quickly saw what I was talking about. This is the type of kid that scores 25 on nine or 10 shots. I could see him putting up 15 a game as a (college) freshman."

Phenom East features two other guards Gripper thinks could make it at Iowa - his son, Joey Gripper, and Jabril Trawick. The young Gripper is a point guard who might take a year at prep school to get stronger. Trawick is a combo guard.

"I think both of those guys are on the rise," Paul Gripper said. "Joey probably could use another year to add muscle, but he's a true point that loves to run. Jabril is just getting better."

Gripper said he's got a good group of eighth graders this year and some standouts in older age brackets.

"It's not that easy to pull kids out of the East and get them to the Midwest," Gripper said. "Everybody wants the elite kids. But if Fran can get kids to come out there and have success, it could open things up. "

Here are a few videos of the Phenom East Players:

Devin Coleman Video

Joey Gripper Video

Jabril Trawick Video

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