Jefferson Exits Iowa City With Hawks in Top 2

Quinton Jefferson fell for the stereotypes of corn fields and tractors before visiting Iowa City. After his trip to the Midwest, he holds a new appreciation for the Heartland. Find out why the Pittsburgh DE puts the Hawkeyes in his Top 2 and what he liked about his visit in this premium recruiting update.

I spoke with two Iowa prospects so far on Monday - Devin Coleman (basketball) and Quinton Jefferson. The Pennsylvania resident visited Iowa City during the weekend, the former from Philadelphia, the latter from Pittsburgh.

Interestingly, but not unexpectedly, both "big city" kids were unprepared for what they saw on the trip. They fell for the Midwest reputation.

"It was nice but definitely a shock to me," said Jefferson, a 2011 DE from Woodland Hills High. "Coming from the East, you think of corn fields and open space. It wasn't like that. Everybody in the city really embraced me and loves the Hawkeyes. They're like an NFL team out there." tabs Jefferson as the 60th best DE recruit nationally for the ‘11 class. The service pegs him as a three-star prospect in it's five -star scale.

Iowa, Illinois, Boston College, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, West Virginia and Wisconsin have offered him scholarships.

"I would say that Pittsburgh and Iowa are the schools that have impressed me the most so far," Jefferson said. "I would say they're my top two right now."

Offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe is leading the Iowa recruitment of Jefferson.

"He's an all-around good guy," Jefferson said of O'Keefe. "He tells it like it is and is real easy to talk to. He's down to earth."

Jefferson sat down with head coach Kirk Ferentz during his visit. The prep standout described the head Hawk as "kind of old school."

"I think he's a good guy," Jefferson said. "You can tell he really cares about his players, and that's important to me. He writes me hand-written letters all the time. That really shows he cares and is interested. I might have gotten one or two hand-written letters from all the other coaches."

The Iowa staff also impressed Jefferson by showing him more than the football facilities, which he liked a lot.

"The other schools don't spend a lot of time on the academic tour, but Iowa blew me away with how nice things were from a technology standpoint," Jefferson said. "I want to major in art; maybe some 3-D animation or design video games. They took me to the art school. Like I said, the equipment and technology blew me away."

Jefferson said he would prefer to select a school before this senior season begins, but he doesn't want to rush his decision.

"When it fits perfectly and I know I don't have any second thoughts, I'll commit," he said.

Distance from home won't factor into the decision, Jefferson said.

"Not at all," he said. "If I'm comfortable enough somewhere and the people around me are like family, it will be like home. My family has told me that they don't want me to base my decision on me being close to them. They want me to get the best education and find a program I like. If that's far away, so be it."

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