Hounshell Caught Up in Iowa-Wisconson Rivalry

2011 lineman recruit Chase Hounshell visited rival Big Ten schools, Iowa and Wisconsin this week. Little did the Ohio product know he'd be part of the joke the Iowa coaches pulled on the Badger staff. Hawkeye Insider caught up with Hounshell to find out his thoughts on the visits and the fun that was played between the programs.

Some Iowa fans believe that Wisconsin likes to offer prep prospects scholarships shortly after the Hawkeyes extend opportunities to those kids. The perception grows with each passing year and recruit for whom they compete.

While the fan bases like to spar, the coaching staffs have been known to poke each other when given an opportunity. Chase Hounshell found himself in the middle of it this week.

The 2011 lineman from Ohio visited Iowa on Tuesday before heading to Madison a day later. Before he left Iowa City, the Hawkeye coaches asked him to inquire about the tattoo of Badger Head Coach Bret Bielema.

"They didn't tell me what it was," Hounshell said. "I asked."

Bielema, a former Iowa lineman and assistant, revealed his Hawkeye ink to the recruit. Everyone laughed.

The two schools compete for many of the same recruits being so close together and similar as universities in the Big Ten.

"The only real difference between the two are the towns," Hounshell said. "Madison is bigger. But they're both great college towns."

Hounshell shares his thoughts on the two visits:

IOWA: Overall, I was really impressed with everything. I took tours of the campus and met with all the coaches. I saw the weight room, the locker room and the huge stadium. I met with an academic advisor to talk about the business school. I got to see everything.

I met with Coach (Kirk) Ferentz. He's just a great guy and an even better coach. It's amazing how much the people out there admire him.

I spoke with Ricky Stanzi (Hounshell lives about 2 miles from the Stanzi home). We talked for a while about a number of things. He tried to explain to me what it was like to be a Hawkeye football player. He told me how much he loved it and what it had to offer; how great the fan base is and how there are no pro teams in the state and everyone is a Hawkeye fan.

The strength coach (Chris Doyle) is one of the best I've ever met. I had a great visit. Iowa definitely is in my top.

(Chase listed Iowa, Wisconsin, Boston College, Michigan State, West Virginia and Illinois, in no particular order, as his Top 6).

WISCONSIN: It was basically the same as Iowa. I met with the strength coach, the head coach, my position coach. (Badgers are recruiting him as a defensive tackle. Iowa is recruiting him as an offensive tackle. He said that position doesn‘t matter to him). I was really impressed with the whole coaching staff.

It was almost identical to my Iowa visit. The thing that stood out to me the most was the difference in the size of the towns. Madison was pretty impressive. They showed me an article where it was voted the best college town and I'd have to agree with them. It's a great college town with how they sell out. Iowa sells out, too, though.

Hounshell was scheduled to leave for Boston College on Friday.

I also did a story on Chase before his Iowa visit.

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