Mike Orloff Happy to be a Hawkeye

The news of Mike Orloff's commitment to Iowa was broken by his Lawrence Academy teammate on Saturday night on Twitter. A day later, Orloff said he's was fine with how the story broke and was excited to be a Hawkeye. Hawkeye Insider caught up with the Class of 2011 linebacker to find out his thoughts on Iowa and what made him pull the trigger on his decision.

It's a good thing Michael Orloff considers Marcus Grant a good friend. Otherwise, the two could be on the outs.

Grant used the social network, Twitter, to announce on Saturday night that his buddy had joined him by verbally committing to Iowa. It broke the news to Hawkeye fans and others.

"I really wanted to tell the coaches at Louisville, Boston College and Harvard that I was going to Iowa," Orloff said. "But it's OK he put it out there. It's fine. He was excited like I was. I‘ve contacted the other coaches."

Orloff became the 11th known verbal commitment for Iowa in the 2011 Class. He plays quarterback to Grant's wide receiver at Lawrence Academy in Groton, Mass. The Hawkeyes are taking him as a linebacker.

"It just felt like the time was right," the 6-foot-2, 212-pound , four-sport athlete said. "I wanted to commit right when they offered but decided to take a couple of weeks to think about it. I talked with my parents, my coaches and Marcus and I felt more ready now than I did when they offered."

Louisville offered Orloff at the beginning of May and he had an invitation to join Harvard, where they don't hand out athletic scholarships. Boston College also talked about extending him an offer.

Orloff visited Iowa with Grant a few months ago and the Hawkeyes came forward with an offer two weeks ago.

"I loved it out there," Orloff said. "I was skeptical going out there. I had never been to the Midwest. But I loved it. I knew it was the right place."

Ken O'Keefe led Iowa's recruitment on Orloff and Grant.

"I actually like him a lot," Orloff said. "He was straight up with me. He told me through the whole process how it was going to be and when I might expect an offer. I called him to tell him I was coming, but he wasn't there. I talked with coach (Eric) Johnson and then I got in touch with Coach O'Keefe."

Orloff hasn't played linebacker in high school.

"Yeah, I've only been a safety," he said. "This year, I'm going to play safety half the time and linebacker the other half.

Orloff lives in Danvers, Mass when not boarding at Lawrence. His accent is thick.

"Yeah, I don't think I knew what Iowa was growing up," Orloff said. "It's not a place a kid from Massachusetts talks about much. But I know about it now and I love it."

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