State of Iowa Football (Part Two)

Reese Morgan talked about recruiting and the future of Iowa football at the State of Iowa Football event at the West Des Moines Marriott on Monday night. The Polk County 'I' Club event was great success as Reese revealed some interesting information.

In an address of this length it is impossible to offer much detail on every player recruited in the new class as the real topic of the evening was the whole picture, not just one facet. However, Reese had these comments on the incoming class:

Out of State:

Chris Brevi - Safety - Physical. Could end up at OLB.

Tom Busch - MLB - Very Physical. Stuffs the run. National Strength Coach Athlete of the Year.

Scott Chandler - Wide Receiver - Great hands. At 6-7 he has already been approached about the possibility of playing Tight End.

Champ Davis - RB- FB- HB- TE - Very versatile. Can run and has good hands. He will play somewhere

George Eshareturi -DT - A physical presence. Tyler Fannuchi - WR - Lester Erb loves his game tape. He can fly.

Herb Grigsby - WR - Best kept secret in Arkansas.

Kenny Iwebema - DE-Very athletic.

A.J. Johnson - RB - He is now about 230 pounds. Could be the big back in one back sets.

Mike Jones-OL-Iowa only offered 7 offensive linemen. Jones was always our #1 priority. He is a polished performer and is already studying the Iowa playbook.

Greg Mattison - DE-Son of Notre Dame coach. He was encouraged to go to Iowa by his father due to his respect for Kirk Ferentz and Norm Parker.

Eric McCollum - QB - Electric- Brad Banks clone. Pop his tape in the VCR if you want to get excited.

Khalik Price - CB - Great athlete, 6-2, 200. Ran indoor 400 in 48 seconds.

Drew Tate - QB - Holds all Texas large school passing records. His father, Dick Olin coached at Clinton.

James Townsend - WR - A "Difference Maker". Editor's Note: My gut feeling is that Townsend will play this fall.

Albert Young - RB - Picked corn over cheese, if you know what I mean. A cross between Jermelle Lewis and Fred Russell.

In State:

Mike Humpal - LB - Two time 215 pound state champion wrestler. 14.2 in the high hurdles. 3.97 student.

Clint Huntrods - OL - State discus champion. An athlete with good feet. He's just the type of athlete that Kirk likes to make into a Hawkeye lineman.

Mike Klinkenborg - LB - Two time 1st team All-State backer. High jumped 6-7. 3.99 G.P.A.

Alex Willcox - DT - Since he was being switched to DL this year at Valley, Coach Aiken wanted to see him play during the season. Watched ½ of the Indianola game and left knowing that he wanted Alex at Iowa.

Jonathan Zander - S - An athlete that hasn't scratched the surface yet.

The one that got away - Teraz McCray - He actually signed with Iowa two hours before Miami offered on Signing Day. The Iowa administration made a decision to let him go where he wanted.

Reese's Pieces:

Robert Gallery will be the best offensive lineman in the nation this fall.

Chad Greenway:He has tremendous speed and ability. It will be difficult to keep him out of the starting lineup.

Derreck Robinson: It's time for him to step up and play like he can.

Ritchie Williams: He will challenge for a starting spot at CB.

Brian Kline: A walk-on that Phil Parker really likes at Free Safety.

Nathan Chandler - Quarterback job is his to lose. He can execute ALL the offense including the QB draws and options. He can throw the deep ball very well. The order of the quarterbacks after spring practice will be the way they enter the drills in August. However, a TRUE freshman may be able to make the three deep. Since they carry three quarterbacks this was an important comment.

Blake Larsen: He will be in the two deeps. He is really coming on strong.

Matt Roth was made to be a football player. He energized the special teams with language that can't be repeated on this family site. He loves to hit people. Matt will start and be a star this year. His weight is about 250 now but Chris Doyle will have him bigger before the season begins.

When asked by Pal Joey's Director of Golf, Kevin Pratt, whether Reese has any pressure to start Brian Ferentz, Morgan cracked "I already have him penciled in at center. Brian is doing fine in rehab but will not play in the spring. He should be in the hunt next fall along with Eric Rothwell, Ben Cronin and Mike Elgin. Kirk actually wanted Brian to go elsewhere to college but the staff convinced him that his son was Big Ten caliber.

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