Devin Coleman Considering Other Factors

Devin Coleman long has considered Iowa the favorite for his services. The 2011 guard from Philly visited the school in June and it solidified the Hawkeyes at the top. But since reflecting on the trip, Coleman is considering other factors in his decision. Hawkeye Insider caught up with him to get the latest. Find out the latest and the time line for his choice in this update.

Before coming out to Iowa for a visit in June, Devin Coleman never thought it a big deal leaving his Philadelphia home for college far away. That trip raised concerns.

"Before I went out there, I didn't think distance was an issue," the 2011 guard said. "That kind of opened my eyes. Distance became a bigger issue than I thought it would be."

Don't despair, Hawkeye fans. Coleman still lists the Hawkeyes as his favorite, which he's done since Fran McCaffery became head coach in March.

Coleman recently picked up a scholarship offer from Rutgers. He already held opportunities from Iowa, Minnesota, Temple and others. Those four schools are ahead of the pack.

Rutgers fits two of Coleman's preferences - a major conference and close to home. He cautioned people from reading too much into those points, however.

Coleman, who has been slowed my nagging injuries this AAU season, played at less than 100 percent in Las Vegas last week. He felt like that might have slowed him in the eyes of recruiters.

"I really can't answer that, but maybe," he said. "But there's nothing I can do about that. And I'm not about to use it as an excuse."

Coleman said that other than adding the Rutgers' offer, he hasn't received much attention from any new schools.

"I'm going to make a decision soon," he said. "When I get back home (from Vegas on Tuesday), I'm going to talk with some of my coaches, parents and (AAU) Coach (Paul) Gripper and make a decision. I'm probably going to have one my the end of August or early September."

So, what would move another school ahead of the Hawkeyes?

"I'm not sure I can answer that," Coleman said. "Temple, Minnesota and Rutgers are all up there. Even though Temple isn't in a big conference, they've had a lot of success,

"I just have to sit down with my coaches and parents and see what's best. I also want to talk to the coaches recruiting me and ask about who else they're bringing in and what their plans are for me."

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