Devin Coleman Blindsided By Pulled Schollie

2011 Combo Guard Devin Coleman has long put Iowa near the top of his list of potential colleges. On Monday, the three-star recruit found out the Hawkeyes were moving on without him via an internet report read by his father.

Perhaps no other name on Iowa's 2011 recruiting list sparked more hope than Devin Coleman. The senior from Philadelphia became a sign of what might be with new Hawkeye Coach Fran McCaffery and his ties to his hometown.

Coleman's name surfaced early as a potential score from the East Coast. His AAU Coach, Paul Gripper, talked about it possibly opening a door to a Philadelphia pipeline to Iowa.

The recruitment of Coleman to Iowa ended on Monday. Recruiting Analyst Van Coleman (no relation) sent information to Hawkeye Insider and several other media outlets saying the school had pulled its offer to the three-star combo guard.

I called Devin to find out what he was told by the Hawkeye Coaches.

"I have no idea," he responded. "I just walked into the house and my father said he read it on the internet. I'm just as surprised as everybody else."

Coleman said that he last spoke with Iowa less than a week ago.

"It was with Coach (Andrew) Francis and it wasn't even really about basketball," Coleman said. "We always talk about a lot of things. Certainly nothing about pulling the scholarship came up in the conversation."

Coleman then called the Hawkeye staff and said he'd call me back, which he did.

"They basically told me that I waited too long and that they got a commitment from someone else," said Coleman, who talked with Francis and McCaffery. "It was random, if you ask me, especially since they went public with it before they told me. I know it's a business and I know they're going to recruit other players, but it would seem that they would tell me first."

Coleman said Iowa was in his top two and was going to narrow his list to three programs this week.

"I think Iowa had a good chance," Coleman said. "I've always said they were right there with me. I know I talked about the distance, but I didn‘t say I wouldn‘t go that far.

"I guess the decision is a bit easier now."

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