ISU Pregame: Transcript - Ferentz OTS

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz conducted his now regular press conference after the press conference on Tuesday. Here's a transcript from that gathering, which included talk on injuries, true freshmen, defensive line rotation and more.

Q: Will Christian move back inside this week?

Kirk Ferentz: Oh....some of the time. We will continue to roll guys through. He was inside a bit the other day. It's like our backs. I consider both our backs to be starters. Mike Daniels is a starter in our mind right now. We have five good ones and we will rotate through.

Q: How did Mike Daniels look on Saturday?

Ferentz: Good, he really played well. If there was a positive Saturday was that a lot of our first time players looked more confident and aggressive than maybe in the past. that is a good thing.

Q: Injury at kicker, Josh's situation at center, some of those up for grabs positions got figured out?

Ferentz: It takes the edge off of it. Then you worry about what you have beyond it. Connor Boffeli played well, too. He got eight reps in there. It's scary not to have three centers and we will now. We will keep mixing things up.

Q: Are those still being competed for?

Ferentz: I think everyone's job is being competed for right now. No one did anything to hurt themselves last week. We will keep pushing forward. We will need all of those guys before the end of the day.

Q: Will Koeppel work any at guard?

Ferentz: that is possible. We will see. He has done that in the past, he has played TE for us, in the run formation. We have been getting an 80 or 90 jersey out for him. He is a real seasoned guy, a smart guy and good player. We will try to utilize his talents.

Q: They had Josh put on the helmet at the end of the Today Show today. Didn't look like he wanted to.

Ferentz: I saw about :30 seconds. I am taking a guess they may have prompted him. Someone may have said ‘Would you do this?' kind of like how they make you laugh for the dumb pictures at media day. You can't wait to see who fell for what. Julian eating a cheesecake.

Q: Sort of like that Big Ten Network commercial, where you said come to Iowa?

Ferentz: My kids voted me the worst of the 11 coaches. Unanimous. My kids at home, not the ones here.

Q: Worst in what respect?

Ferentz: Just like ‘stay off TV dad, don't think about a career beyond coaching.'

Q: Talk about Greenwood when he first got here

Ferentz: I am not sure how we did that, but Reese Morgan had a strong feeling about him all the way through. There is one guy a year like that. Mike Elgin a few years before that. We were fortunate to get him here and the other thing I remember was up at Michigan in 2006, his redshirt year. We took him up there. I remember during the entire trip you would have thought he was our starter. He was so serious in studying the game plan, even in the locker room. He impressed all of us with his dedication and the serious attitude that he took. The same thing on the field. When he got his moment at the Illinois game in 2007, he went in there and really played well. He was ready for the opportunity and he has not looked back since that time. He is a quiet person, but in a quiet way he has been a good leader for us and a stabilizer for us.

Q: You mentioned the size of the ISU offensive line. What is the challenge dealing with that bulk?

Ferentz: We will see several teams like that. First of all, big people are hard to get around and its hard to see through them. They tend to be able to move you, so it's a real challenge. If you get into a wrestling match it's not advisable. We did that a bit last year. We let them engage us and it's hard to play good defense doing that. When you rush for 190 yards it means you had your way with the other team.

Q: Is Broderick back in the lineup this week an automatic?

Ferentz: I don't know how we will start. I consider five starters up there. I don't know who will start at running back, probably Adam. We will start the D-Line that way, too. I am just guessing.

Q: I asked Lester Erb a few times how it works at RB with the rotation...hesays its your call

Ferentz: We don't map anything out, typically. We know both will play and we will see how the game goes. It's good when you have confidence in a couple of guys.

Q: Do you worry about Jewel being too amped up?

Ferentz: We already talked about that. We are worried about him dehydrating. Last week, we didn't have that issue. Sometimes in first games, guys play the game before it comes and then they are out of gas 20 plays into the game. We are going to watch him closely this week and remind him about his nutrition and hydration.

Q: What did he give you two years ago when he ran behind Shonn? Some people say that was an easy job.

Ferentz: Shonn softened them up? Jewel is a physical runner too. He is not as big as Shonn. the big thing I saw with him was as the year went on, he really improved. Jewel was running with confidence in late October and at the bowl game. Once guys get confidence that is a good thing.

Q: You beat Ball State to get Jewel?

Ferentz: Yeah. It was a barnburner. Q: Will the injured guys practice today?

Ferentz: They are weaning their way back in. We will see what happens. They won't go full practice today.

Q: What were your thoughts on divisional alignment?

Ferentz: I still haven't paid much attention to it. Somebody created it like how it worked out, I saw that in the paper at the end of the week, like A- or B+. Not that we had anything to do with it. I am not focused on that right now. I will worry about that in the out of season.

Q: Do you like Nebraska at the end of the year?

Ferentz: It makes sense. I didn't dislike playing Minnesota at the end, that made sense too.

Q: Were you recruiting Jake Knott (ISU LB)?

Ferentz: We liked him a lot. He played a lot of positions in high school. To say what he was going to be, we were not sure but we thought he was an excellent player and I am not surprised at all to see the success he has had.

Q: Talk about the impact of Ryan Donahue

Ferentz: He really did a great job the last few years, but last year he was really on top of things and performed really well. He only had one opportunity the other day, but he put it down there and a great play by Micah Hyde to keep it in play. Hopefully we can take advantage of him all year. We have a funny way of tracking numbers in the Big Ten. It doesn't do justice to the way he punts. He has hang time, he gives you a chance to have some +50 punting.

Q: Did you watch Boise State?

Ferentz: Not a snap. I think their program is excellent. They have done a great job there for a long time. They really play good football. To go to Landover, travel east and beat a good Virginia Tech team, that is a real feather in their cap. they have proven themselves. They have done a great job. I am not surprised that they won, I figured it could go either way.

Q: There seems to be a lot of animosity from BCS conference teams about their schedule.

Ferentz: It might be a little different, but you have to give them credit. When they have had their chance on the big stage, they have done well. They have done well in bowl games, great players and they are well coached. I would say the same things about TCU. Utah, I guess similar circumstances. They have had some really good teams. When those teams have had their chances, they have played well. That is all you can do.

Q: Is Nolan MacMillan at guard a permanent thing?

Ferentz: We will see. He played well. We had high hopes for him. He missed a lot of last fall, he missed a lot in the spring with injuries, so we didn't know how to judge him. Fortunately he came back well and started slow in camp and kept on building. It was a good start for him. We have never had too many good linemen...ever. (meaning never have enough). If you ever get a true two deep, boy that is a good thing. I have never seen that anywhere.

Q: Tackle in future?

Ferentz: That is where he worked until Adam's ankle injury. He seemed like the next best guy. We will sort all of that out when we get there. Right now he is doing a good job

Q: Is six true freshman going to be the number?

Ferentz: If we stay healthy, we are where we should be.

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