KSF Video Interview - Wade Weibert

MANHATTAN, Kan. - The Kansas State Offensive Line is a very tight knit group. Despite a win on Saturday over Missouri State, Center Wade Weibert was critical of their play and talks about what needs to happen to produce better results.

The Kansas State running game is THE critical factor for the Wildcat offense to be succesful. If the running game stumbles, offensive production for the 'Cats falters and at the heart of the running game is the K-State Offensive Line.

Following the win against Missouri State, Kansas State Senior Wade Weibert was not happy with the overall performance of the team. Although the 'Cats got the win, clearly Weibert is striving for a more consistent effort. Wade speaks to the effort and changes needed.

"That was a pretty sloppy performance by everyone. The Offensive Line, it would not be a very good grade. It would not be a very good grade at all. That is not how we want to win games. Not where we want to be at all, that's for sure," state Weibert.

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