"They are Fast...and Physical"

MANHATTAN, Kan. - Head Coach Bill Snyder took Tuesday to speak to the media about Baylor and how he looks to defend the Bears and their dynamic Quarterback. Talking about their speed and physical play, Coach Snyder says the 'Cats must have fast pass defenders....Listen In.

The message to the players has been this is not a Baylor team to take lightly. Head Coach Bill Snyder talks about the Bears on Offense, the speed of their offense.

Looking to reduce errors and create "Big Plays" Coach Snyder lays out what he wants to accomplish and how the win over Kansas has built momentum.

"It is a matter of personnel that you utilize in certain positions and using different personnel because the game has spread out more."

Stating that the Bears are very fast and they like to spread defenses out, Coach Snyder talks about getting more speed on the field and the need for pass defenders who can use their speed to defend against a spread offense.

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