Martin Says The Blame For The Loss Is His

LAWRENCE, Kan. - As Head Coach Frank Martin watched his Wildcats be dismantled piece by piece Saturday in the Snnflower Showdown - he accepted the loss and placed the blame directly on himself. "It's all on me," stated the K-State Coach directly after the game.

In-state rivalries run deep with tradition, pride and bragging rights on the line. Kansas State vs. Kansas in the Sunflower Showdown with two college teams tipping off to claim the in-state title of best basketball team in Kansas on Saturday.

Unfortunately for Kansas State, the Jayhawks showed up with a dominating performance that left many Wildcat fans shaking their collective heads and looking to place blame for the poor performance.

Look no farther than the Head Coach. Directly following the loss, as the stand-up guy he is Coach Martin placed the blame directly on his shoulders and made no excuses.

"It's all on me," said Martin as he faced a throng of reporters asking for explanations.

As practice goes, so usually does the performance and when the 'Cats have had strong games, it was usually a product of a strong practice.

That was not the case this week as K-State prepared for the Jayhawks.

"Two days ago we were at practice and started with the sloppy stuff again and I looked away from it," said Martin about practices this week.

"Before the Texas Tech game we practiced for two hours and 30 minutes or so, I believe 20 or 25 minutes involved a basketball. We had a moment two days ago and I tried to trust the team that we did not have to revert to that and it backfired on me."

With high expectations prior to the beginning of the season, this in-state loss to Kansas is even more hard to swallow - as the 'Cats were expected to have a better season.

Kansas State is now at the bottom of the Big 12, tied with Iowa State for 11th place.

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